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  1. Man, I love the inhumans but I feel this book is going to be very… disappointing?

  2. You do? Did you read the first issue? I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read much Inhumans before and I thought the first issue was beautiful and the idea of what they’re using Black Bolt for is cool.

  3. First ish was way better than anticipated for a "yet-another-crossover-mini-book."

  4. Nice cover. Redheads. Nuff said.

  5. It’s really hard for me to turn down Tom Raney art, but even though I enjoyed the first issue, I gotta turn this down. I never thought I’d say this about a marvel crossover event, but I gotta draw the line somewhere…

  6. I liked the first issue of this, so I’m in for next three.  Just hoping they will address some of the "big" questions … like which shampoo & conditioner Medusa uses.

  7. By the by, I have not seen hair that big since the last time I visited Staten Island.  Maybe Medusa can move there if this Inhumans gig doesn’t work out.  I just hope Black Bolt does not burp if they are driving thru the Lincoln tunnel.

  8. This book is fantastic. It is my POW. Get it.

  9. I love the stained glass windows they show at the beginning of each issue.

  10. It is my POW also.

  11. I like Black Bolt but didn’t give a ish about the Inhumans. However it seems the mini is going to change my opinion if they keep making the others so interesting.

    One question did I have while I was reading. Where is Quicksilver? Isn’t he together with Crystal anymore?

  12. Definitely best SI-related title I’ve read yet.

  13. I had so much fun with this book. I’ve always liked the concept of the inhumans but i’ve never seen execution of the concept this good. I’d love to have more inhumans mini-series or even a maxy-series

  14. The art is fantastic in this book. The detail and clarity is what I like in comics for the most part. The Inhuman Royal Family prove why they are the top dogs in Attilan. Medusa puts the smackdown on the Black Bolt imposter. Triton takes out a Tiger Shark/Attuma Super-skrull and Crystal and the walking statue was fantstic. Even Maximus was great in how he took out a skrull.

    The Phoenix/White Queen/Medusa Superskrull…wow nice look. 

    One of the best SI series to come out.


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