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  1. ANyone know anything about Joe Pokaski?  I’m really curious about what happened to black bolt, but just don’t know if I should pick this up….

  2. I know he is one of the main writters over at the Heroes TV show, I am looking forward to this mini, it may also lead into that war of the kings or whatever that cross over is that has the Shiar vs the inhumans

  3. Mmmmmm…. long red hair make me buy comic. 

  4. one of the other news sites had a review of this vs x-men & thor ranking them as what was the best spin off for SI and this won hands down, that being said the x-men one is some what weak based soley on that review.

  5. This did a very good job of setting up the story and introducing these characters to people (such as myself) who don’t have much experience with them.  Solid book.

  6. wow a somewhat coherent story of the Inhumans. What’s really interested me is that, more or less, for the past 4 years, we’ve only seen the Inhumans in event-Tie in books and X-Factor. (House of M, Son of M, WWH, Civil War, and now here.) But it’s been a fairly straight story, so I give Mr. Pokaski a lot of credit for this.

     All told, Runaways/Young Avengers and Thor were the better tie-ins than Inhumans or X-Men for me. But this was a strong 3rd. 

  7. The Skrulls using Black Bolt as a weapon.  It’s genius in it’s simplicity.

  8. This was my favorite dedicated tie-in (not counting Hercules, Ms. Marvel, Captain Britain, since they are ongoing). My faves:


    1. Inhumans

    2. Thor

    3. X-Men (a distant third)




  9. Good thing i didn’t know that Pokaski was a Heroes writer before I picked this up.  My last experience with a Heroes writer doing comics (see Ultimate X-Men) really put me off of the whole TV writer-to-comics thing, but now that I’ve read this thread, I’m somewhat reassured.

    PS: I loooove Heroes!  Also, can we talk about how freaking awesome Tom Raney’s art is?

  10. This was good, but I had trouble with the fact that it wasn’t as awesome as Silent War. Totally unfair, I know, considering that the art in this book is really nice.

    Overall, though, I’m glad I’m buying this.


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