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  1. I think i’m gonna pass.

  2. I’ve yet to read anything by Reed I didnt like

  3. I really liked the first issue. Really. I know a lot of folks have complained that there’s no Spider-Man in this mini, but remember this: it was solicited as "Secret Invasion: Spider-Man – Brand New Day," which means it has more to do with the supporting cast of ASM than it does with Spidey himself. So, as a part of Brand New Day, this title is both enjoyable and (in my opinion) the perfect way for BND to tie in to Secret Invasion.

  4. I enjoyed the first issue as well.

  5. Been good so far.  Doesn’t bother me that Spidey isn’t around.

    What bothers me is Jackpot.  Hate her all together.  If she had some other motif, I’d probably like her.  But the 777 on the belt and the bell bottoms?  Super lame.  Hell, maybe it’s just her costume that bothers me.

    And the fact that she’s never really been explained to us yet.  Is she MJ?  Isn’t she?  If so, when did she get super powers (agility, apparent super strength, ability to take a punch from that sinistersixskrull, etc)?  If not, why the hell the strong ties to MJ — just to mess with us not in a fun way but in a entirely stupid manner?

    Oh yeah, liked this issue regardless.  LOL.

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