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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. I don’t know…Is this worth getting?

  2. Only if you are reading Brand New Day. It seems to be a Spiderman less comic eventhough it has his name on the title

  3. I will flip through it in the store and see.

  4. So this was a waste of three dollars. Only worth getting if you REALLY like Jackpot and are in the mood for a simple, standard, SI tie-in story.

  5. Not worth the money. It has very little to do with the Spider-Man character, and it does not advance the SI crossover.

  6. I’ll get it anyway. The Jackpot character interests me. Most of the "mysteries" surrounding the character seem as if they have obvious answers, but I’m hoping the BND writers through in a few surprises. It would be a shame otherwise.

  7. okay … not great


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