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With her world falling apart around her and the Avengers in disarray, Black Widow undertakes the most dangerous suicide mission of all — eliminating the evil mastermind behind FEAR ITSELF!

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Scot Eaton & Jaime Mendoza
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by Adi Granov

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. While the book has still been good, I’m not enjoying this having each issue focus on one member thing for Fear Itself. The Beast issue was my POTW, but the Valkyrie issue didn’t feel as strong and it didn’t really touch me like I think it should have

  2. #13 was terrible (if an undercover mutant has the power to dramatically alter reality seems kinda suspicious that he was elected to congress and that he’s never been utalized before, particuarly by the xmen not to mention the fact that he’s basically a giant walking deus ex machina) #14 was also awful (stilted dialogue, obvious red shirts as main characters, and a biography issue that does almost nothing to explain its character) and #15 looks to follow suit.  So sad how much potential was wasted with this book.

  3. I’m wondering what’s going to happen to this book and team now that Steve is back in the Captain America suit. Is he going to be on all the Avengers teams or will this team just get folded into one of the others? I think if they keep going with the Secret Avengers being a black ops type of team, they should place Black Widow in charge.

  4. I think this was a bit too on-the-nose with the meta-commentary, but I guess I enjoyed it… Spencer’s fill-in stories for this title have been pretty weird. He’s not done anything for Marvel yet that comes close to Morning Glories or THUNDER Agents, but I’m not giving up hope.

  5. Meta and condescending.  That’s one way to write a comic, I guess. 

  6. What an interesting issue, basically the comic book world’s perspective on the meaning of ‘death’ in the comic book world, showing essentially the same thought process as us fanboys here in the real world, that “dead means dead for us.  We don’t get exceptions.”  Only in this, it also shows how the experience of being resurrected from the dead is something we could only take for granted, something reserved only for the heroes in comic books.

  7. For me this issue was okay, but the book seems to be declining more and more since Brubaker left. Actually it has been declining since the first arc. A year ago, this was one of my favorite books and I thought it was on par with Avengers and better than New Avangers. Now it’s on par with New Avengers. I’ll give the start of Ellis’s arc a chance, but I may only be on this book for a two more issues.

  8. it was a very interesting self referential deal on the current state of comics and character death’s . Very surprised by it, but pretty interesting. 

    The two sides of the argument were pretty interesting in this. I was surprised that i actually liked this.  

  9. Amen Nick.

  10. Hm… I just noticed that the solicit for this issue is an outright lie…

    Why would you od that?

  11. Markish: that is strange, it really has nothing to do with this story.

  12. @markish  Solicits are done three months out. Things change sometimes.

  13. Ha ha, I’m not as angry as that post seems to suggest. Just always intrigued by things like that.

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