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• Spider-Man’s Dark Clone Continues His Quest For Redemption.

• Kaine Discovers Not Everyone’s Happy To Have A Hero In His New Home Town – And Houston’s Super Criminal Scene Makes Itself Known!

• Get On Board With The Hero Of Houston As Chris Yost And Ryan Stegman Continue The Runaway Hit Of 2012!

Story by Chris Yost
Art by Ryan Stegman, Michael Babinski, & Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors by Marte Gracia & Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Ryan Stegman, Michael Babinski, & Marte Gracia

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


RoninA03/15/12YesRead Review
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. More people should be getting this, its 5 star stuff. Go back and read issues 1 and 2 if you want some proof.

    • I thought the first issue was excellent, but the second failed to deliver, in my opinion. It should have been a longer arc. I’m considering dropping this, but am unsure as of now.

    • kingjoeg is spot on this book is 5star with all the “new 52” books out and some awesome indie books you can see why this can drop way below the radar but check out issue 1 and 2 this is a classic “spiderman” book great action a solid and easy to follow story and kaine just kicks ass (like parker if he just did not giv a shit)

  2. What a fun surprise those first two issues were. A new favorite, and maybe my most anticipated this week (and with Saga coming out, that’s serious business).

  3. Been waiting for this issue, so far this is a fresh take on the Spiderman legacy! I can say unlike most of Marvels 3 to 4 different titles for some of their bigger guns this one is very good.


  4. I’ll keep buying this as long as Stegman is drawing it. Looks like there’s a fill-in (or replacement) artist starting issue 5, so I might jump ship then. It’s a well written & fun book, but there’s alot of competition for my comic dollar these days and I’d like to see more creative teams stick together longer.

  5. I have to admit that I really look forward to reading this as soon as I get it.

    Can’t wait for #3, hoping they start to flesh out the city, the character(s) and the plot.

  6. This issue I give a 4.5 rating and I must say maybe closer to a 5. The artwork is cool and I like the feel of this comicbook, more of a real vigilante type Spiderman. The only reason I could not give this a full on 5 is well, because I don’t read spanish and usually when comics have any kinda foreign language in it, it throws me out of wack. I find myself stuck trying to pronounce the words and I just can’t do it. Mind you, my own spelling sometimes can be hard as well. I like to read a comic not try and decipher hyrogliphics (see spelling), and this for the most part is a good old fashioned super hero comic with a definitly fresh feel. So to be honest this was my third favorite comic out of the nine I have read this week with eight more to go. SS at the top in a tie with Luthor Strude.


  7. The art is just stunning…. and at 2.99 i won’t be dropping this any time soon. worth every penny.

  8. This by far my favorite comic from Marvel! Stegman is an amazing artist, the artwork is just unreal!! And i must say Marvel has stepped their game up this week with all their titles, well the ones im reading!! The story is just so good, Kaine is a beast! Plz keep this up dont change up this team!!

  9. This is good solid superhero storytelling and the art is awesome. I like that we’re getting to know Houston and the supporting characters issue by issue without the story feeling too decompressed. We’re also seeing Kaine’s power set revealed as he encounters different challenges in each issue. In these ways, this title is a nice contrast to Ultimate Spider-Man which is currently introducing us to Miles Morales. Bendis is Bendis and I buy and like US-M, but I find SS to be the more straightforward and satisfying read.

  10. Scarlet spider is so bad ass his attitude is awesome and is a great funny action dark story I’ll be buying every issue.

  11. I never thought I would follow a Spider title with passion, but Scarlet Spider did the deed. This book is so great, and issue #3 just confirms it. Ryan Stegman’s at is so cool, and Yost is writing a very easy-going, reader friendly story. Anyone who has not read this book yet, needs to give it a chance.

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