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• At the will of a madman in the Microverse!

• Scarlet Spider must face the monster within to fight the monster of Carnage!

• Meanwhile, Venom takes on a mission – and the cost may be more than his life!

Story by Christopher Yost
Art by Khoi Pham

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. can’t wait for minimum carnage to be over. this books not as good without stegman it doesn’t need crossovers to bring it down aswell. The next arc is a make or break for me.

    • Im very close to dropping it primarily because of the minimum carnage story.

    • After this cross over is done I’m dropping Scarlett Spider, Venom and any future Carnage events. Good work marvel, you’ve pushed me away by your continous attempts to draw in new readers through marketing ploys that never work and put sales before dedicated fans

  2. Love this but can’t afford it.

    I’ll stop buying but not reading when this arc ends.

  3. Count me as another SS fan eagerly awaiting the end of this dull crossover.

  4. Christ, did anyone else sigh audibly when they got to the recap page?

    I’ll be back when this storyline’s over… So, I guess I’ll be back next issue.

    • Yes, When I opened this book I really considered just not reading it and waiting for Scarlet 12 to release. But against my better judgment I read it anyway and guess what…pure disappointment. I really hope Scarlet picks up with the next issue put this Minimum Carnage stuff behind us and move forward with a fresh new arc.

  5. The 80’s called…they want their ideas back. This is just horrible, and as much fun as I thought a Venom/Scarlet Spider event COULD be this story reminded me that even a Spidey-universe story can be a dud. Kane is quickly becoming redundant as he moans and cries about not wanting to be involved (here is an idea…stop putting on a costume and get a job) and Flash as Venom is turning into a snooze fest. When as Venom he tries to eat Betty…I’ll get interested again.

  6. I’ve been tolerating this crossover until this issue which is one big hot mess. Yost has been writing really fun stories for Kaine, please just let him go back to doing that when this is over.

  7. Yeah, I’m considering dropping this title also once the crossover is over. I want to add some new titles and this one is at the bottom of my pile.

  8. Dropped! The combo of this crossover and the new artist has led me elsewhere.

  9. Yeah, this was horrible. What’s sucks is I still have to read the next 2 parts of the story in my stack. Think I need a glass of wine first.

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