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The revolution is happening now. Scarlet takes city hall with her list of demands, and the city’s reaction will surprise you. The creator-owned hit of the year is back and bolder than ever!

From the Eisner Award-winning team of Maleev and Bendis!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev
Cover by Alex Maleev

Price: $3.95
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Is this a continuing series?

    How many issues are planned?

    Wondering about continuing to buy this…

  2. I thought 8 was out weeks ago. I think this willl have to be dropped just cause I; getting confused. If it ever comes out I’ll get the trades.

  3. I’ve completely forgotten what’s happened, so I’ll have to re-read 1-6 again!!!

  4. I dropped Powers due to declining quality, but am sticking with this one for the time being.

  5. Wow I can’t believe I picked up issue 2 of this back in September 2010!

    It did nothing for me and confirmed for me that I’m totally tired of Bendis (who I used to love).

    • I do believe Bendis has run himself dry.

    • I disagree. I can’t read Bendis any more on his superhero work, but I think Scarlet is VERY intriguing.

    • I agree that a lot of Bendis’ work has dipped in quality (see above comment on dropping Powers), but I’m sticking with this one for the moment. Plus, if it only releases once every several months, it won’t be too much of a strain on my budget . . .

  6. How about Bendis’ other Icon stuff besides Powers?

    Did Brilliant ever conclude?

    I love independent comics, I just can’t stand keeping track of them in issues anymore.


    • I didn’t buy the fourth issue of Brilliant, so I can’t say if it “concluded” or if Bendis and Bagley got distracted with other projects . . .

  7. I love me some bendis, i honestly havent read a single thing hes written that i didnt like like. The first 5 issues were great and that last issue that came out a few months ago was fantastic. I cant wait to pick this up tomorrow.

  8. I’ve been liking this series, but I wasn’t digging this issue, the art actually got confusing sometimes. Also, when you consider the wait between issues, it calls to attention what a small piece we get of the story in each issue: so when I see a wide shot of the Portland Waterfront followed by a huge splash page of the same thing, it makes me question why we really need both views when you could fit just a little more story in there

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