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Here it is!! The latest chapter in the best reviewed, creator-owned comics sensation of the year!

Scarlet has had enough and has planted her flag. The world is broken and she’s going to fix it. But there are those who will not let this stand. In this issue you meet them. The sides are being drawn.

The first issue sold out the same week it shipped! Are you going to let that happen to you again? Hop on the Scarlet train for a comic book experience unlike anything else out there!From the Eisner award-winning team behind Daredevil, Spider-Woman, the Avengers and Halo.

Pencils and Cover by ALEX MALEEV
Variant cover by MICHAEL OEMING

Price: $3.95
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Was thinking of swapping to trades but just reread 1 & 2 and really enjoyed them so think I’ll grab this. Wonder if the new Moon Knight book will effect this series. I hope Not!

  2. @Zeppo- Bendis says they are far enough ahead already on Moon Knight that it will not

  3. I like the book, i just have nothing to say about it 

  4. I enjoyed the first two but… I dunno, it didn’t sink it’s teeth into me.

  5. i kind of get the feeling this would be on the Stuff White People Like blog if it was more popular 

  6. @edward

    That site sadly does not get updated very much anymore. The Walking Dead should totally be on there though. 

  7. @Nawida: you get what i mean though? the book has a funny vibe. Maybe because is set in Portland 

  8. I think it is stuff people who live in the NorthWest would like… who just happen to be a fairly white bunch.

  9. Haha, I’m not white, I live in the south and I really like this book. I may be an anomoly though…

  10. @Mood: Maybe it means you really are white… inside! Dun dun DUN!!!

  11. @JumpingJupiter – *GASP!!!* (end scene)

  12. I like this book. But I’m starting to wonder if it would read better as a trade.

  13. I love this book and one of only two comics my wife reads so it’s always fun to read and talk about with her. The other book is walking dead which she just started after the fabulous pilot.

  14. It’s definitely the the Portland thing. If your main character is all angstie and angry about the class and social inequity in Portland than that character has some very white and very first world problems. Am i wrong? 

    P.S. i really do like the book though  

  15. You’re wrong.  But I guess you can make anything about race if it you repeat it enough.

  16. Will Connor get a mention this issue? I’m guessing page 17.

  17. Yes, Urthona, that’s exactly what i’m doing. 

    No, dude, i was basically just making a stupid joke about Potland. relax

  18. C’mon guys, let’s set our internet egos aside and just enjoy some comics.

     I’ll probably get the trades for this as well, but for my $4 this is probably the best deal out there. Interesting story, cool protagonist, new devices, Maleev art, and a ton of extras. 

  19. i’m getting this in issues and then once it’s collected in a hardcover i’ll probably buy that as well, at a discount though for sure

  20. This is a trade wait for me for sure. Read and loved the first two issues though but I just can’t do monthly books, particularly a continuity heavy title like this—in fact, I bet this book would sell approximately 10x more and get a whole lot more publicity if it were released as a trade soley.

  21. Speaking as someone from the Northwest, Portland is just an odd setting for a story like this.  Knowing how nice it is there it makes it difficult for me to take this book as seriously as it wants to be.  The character just thinks the city is such a shit hole and it would be funny to see her in a place with serious problems. 

    Bendis could always be slow playing a satire though so that might be the point.

  22. Yup

  23. I like this book, but hate that it is 3.95 with like 16 pages of extra padding at the back that is just annoying. I think I might just drop it and read it in trade, because I’m sick of this extra dollar for crap I dont want routine.

  24. Yeah this book was 24 pages of story. Not cool. Still, I dig the content.

  25. Sorry if I didn’t get the joke Edward…I love your posts so as you’ve said in another thread…HUGS.

    I liked this issue too.  Scarlet is very sexy.  There.  I said it.

    I still think even Portland could be seen as hell if your world was truly destroyed and you were almost murdered in cold blood completely randomly the way Scarlet was.  I think this is less about the setting than it is about the idea that a crisis event could reset a person’s thinking in a very profound manner.  Scarlet is still young enough to think she can change the world…and the truth is individual’s can change the world, good for her.

  26. Not as strong as previous issues I don’t think.

  27. @S1lentslayer

    Agreed, though I see issue 1 and 2 as a two part complete story. This is probably part one of a bigger arc and will work with the other peices.

    I did like it, but Sweet Tooth was the pick for me.

  28. I think the fact that Portland is one of the "safer" cities makes the events of the story that much stronger.  in the reality of this comic, these fucked up cops did these fucked up things, and this is how Scarlet reacts, yes, in Portland, OR.  plus, just because she’s the protagonist, that doesn’t mean we have to agree with what all of her actions.  there may be no way to completely justify what she has done, and that could be because Portland is not as terrible as it seems to her.

  29. honestly i thought it was boring until the last page

  30. @ rottenjorge-  I thought it was a little slow at the beginning, but that just made the last scene all the more shocking for me.  Earned the book a 5 for me but I still had to give my pick to Sweet Tooth.

  31. this was really lame. Bendis is really letting his need to write "snappy" dialogue to over shadow story 

  32. @ spoons i have to re read atleast 6 issues to enjoy this it really reminds me of jinx i hope thier are more characters in this comic book later on

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