In this new collection featuring issues #30-34 of the monthly series, Red Crow commits a murder in front of witnesses and the FBI thinks they can finally put him away. Meanwhile, Dash’s loyalty is tested as his addiction to heroin intensifies.

Written by JASON AARON
Art by R.M. GUERA
Cover by JOCK

Price: $14.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.5%
Avg Rating: 5.0
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  1. Jason Aaron can have my babies. I’m a bloke so I don’t know how that will work but hot damn, this book oozes sex from every page. I know guera helps with this. Such a great team, such a great book. The sex, drugs and rock n roll of comics. Can’t wait!

  2. This may very well be the best comic out there right now, in any genre, period.

  3. Wish they fit more than 5 issues per TPB – I wait so long for the trade and then it just flies by…

  4. Really, this is a sex book?  With rock and roll too?

  5. @kickass lol ur a funny man? Just trying to say this book is awesome. Although there is sex on occasion

  6. And drugs!


  7. I have a jam-packed week (which may also just involve sex, drugs and rock and roll as well ).  If that happens, I’ll have no time to read this book.  That makes me sad, which means it really is that good.

  8. Oh baby. This contains the issue that Josh picked over Blackest Night #1! It better be good or I’m gonna be retroactively pissed

  9. I ‘ve been picking this up in trade and I need to read the last two before I get to this one.

  10. this flew under my radar but based on Josh’s recco i’m getting on board with this series. Picked up the first trade yesterday. Man that art looks great. Its got a nice old skool meets new kinda feel to it. 

  11. This was awesome.  The sh*t really hits the fan in this one.  And as usual, Guerra’s art is fantastic.  Actually, I found it a lot less muddy than usual, which was nice.

  12. I’ve been totally hooked on Scalped, this is what, the 6th TPB?

    AND IT WAS THE BEST YET!  Wow!  I couldn’t put it down.  Amazing.

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