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  1. Huh, usually Vertigo prices 5 issue trades at $12.99.

  2. It could be because it’s popular?  Fables and Jack of Fables trades are usually $17.99 for 6 issues, when most Vertigo 6 issue trades are $14.99 (the exception is the new Fables great crossover trade just solicited today, that’s 9 issues for $17.99, which I’m actually pleasantly surprised by, as trades over 7 or 8 issues are usually $19.99 at Vertigo).   Either that or Vertigo is raising their prices (Marvel definitely has, and I think DC has too), the last DMZ trade was $14.99 whereas all the others before were just $12.99.  Still, is anyone not going to pick this up because of $2?

  3. Trades prices rise, just like everything else in the world.

  4. This is good. I’m not going to wet my pants over it like Josh and Conor but it’s alright, alright?

  5. I love Scalped. Have been waiting for this for a while. The focus is back on Bad Horse, right?

    Can I trade be pick of the week?

  6. @Zeppo: You can pick it as your Pick of the Week if you want.

  7. FINALLY! Waiting for the trade on this series is *killing* me.

  8. @conor

    Then this is definatly a contender. Like Diabhol the wait for this has been driving me mad!

  9. Pre-ordered through Amazon. Will probably read as soon as it arrives at my house.

  10. Just finished reading this. AMAZING! 

  11. anybody know if hardcovers are going to be released for this in the future?  I’d love to start collecting larger runs in hardcover…

  12. I’m usually not a big fan of the single story of minor characters arcs in comics (in TV, they’re usually filler episodes, so maybe that’s why), but considering the fact that this is Scalped’s second such trade of these, and they are as engrossing as the main story arcs says something of Mr. Aaron’s talent for storytelling.  This title should be revered along with Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, etc., it’s that good.  Anyone who doesn’t like it I would question, and wouldn’t be surprised if all they read are superhero comics, because I think anyone who enjoys either noir or just non-superhero comics in general would love this series.

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