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The searing final arc starts here in “Trail’s End” part one.

Beginning months after last issue’s shocking finale, we pick up with the citizens of the Prairie Rose Rez, some of whom have found a peace they never could have imagined, while others are in more trouble than ever – with at least one person plotting his next move from behind bars.

Written by JASON AARON
Art by R.M. GUERA
Cover by JOCK

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Avg Rating: 4.9
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  1. Scalped is, consistently, the best book I read and to know it’ll be gone soon makes me sad. That said, the ending will surely be perfect, and I cannot wait to read this issue (even though it’s the beginning of the end).

  2. I console myself with the fact that China Mieville’s Dial H will be starting up around the same time this ends. Not the same of course but a silver medal is better than a participation ribbon.

  3. Can’t wait for this!

  4. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO END!!!!!!??????? one of the best books EVER

  5. This issue is the first comic book that ever made me actually cry. Now, there weren’t tears rolling down my face but – SPOILER ALERT – when you realize it was Dash who paid for the community center, see the sign with Gina’s name on it and Dash says, “She would have loved it. That’s all that matters,” I’ll admit I got a little misty.

  6. This may be my favorite issue in the entire series to date. And that’s saying an incredibly LOT. The page at the beginning with Red Crow asking Dash “why?” … man, that’s some amazing storytelling right there. POTW/Y/D/C

  7. scalped is my fave monthly book and I cry myself to sleep each night knowing its ending. I did get to read an advance copy of the new Vertigo book Saucer Country and was thrilled with it. its like X-files meets Ex-Machina so I’m hoping that will help fill the void left by Scalped ending

  8. this issue was so good it was like a one-two punch to the gut and the chest. It made me want to cry it was so good.

  9. I think this was actually the best issue of an amazing series. I can’t believe it, but Guera is still getting better. I think this final arc is going to be up there with anything we’ve ever seen in comics.

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