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Dash Bad Horse and his ex-girlfriend have both worked hard to get their lives in order, but now they may be torn apart again by the one thing that’s a bane for them both: Family.

Written by JASON AARON
Art by R.M. GUERA
Cover by JOCK

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Avg Rating: 4.9
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  1. um…so…this was AMAZING. can we please discuss?

  2. Wow… I love this comic every issue, but this is the best one in a long time (since the old folks issue at least). Fantastic moments throughout the issue and I really like that Dash’s dad is now in the book and is handled so well.

  3. Yeah, just…wow.

  4. Powerful stuff, but I’m never sure what to say about it any more. If you’re reading it, you know it’s one of the best – if not the best – thing out there at the moment.

    I was thinking after I read this about how I want it to end. Not immediately, hopefully not for a long time, but I really hope Aaron gets to end this story on his own terms, like other classic Vertigo titles. 

  5. I really liked Dash’s dad in this issue.  He’s going to be a really strong character.

  6. Since Unknown Soldier is going to be over in a month (ggrrrrrrahhhhhangry!), I’m looking for another seriously-toned book. This might be the one to check out. 

  7. @hailscott This is definitely one that you need to check out.  Fucking incredible!!!

  8. Yeah but I would definitely start back at the beginning rather than jumping in now. It really is worth it, trust me.

  9. I believe I read in an interview somewhere that Aaron saw "The Gnawing" arc as the halfway point.  If that is the case – and Vertigo lets him finish the book – Scalped should end at around 60, possibly 70 issues.

  10. This was the best comic I’ve read in a long time. Scalped never disappoints. 

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