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Don’t miss this special Vietnam War flashback issue featuring a surprise main character – one whose legacy looms large in the world of SCALPED, but whose story has never been told…until now.

Written by JASON AARON
Cover by JOCK

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. RM Guera.  Ain’t nothin wrong with that

  2. It feels like a long time since we’ve seen Dash and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change with this issue but I’m not complaining; this has been a great run of issues.

  3. Oh my God that is a gorgeous cover. That looks amazing. Oh, and Aaron writting a Vietnam story with art by RM Guera? Yes please?

  4. I’m down with some Scalped

  5. @cutty I’d hope not. He’s done a majority of the series.

  6. @mikeandzod21 – If you want Aaron writing Vietnam, and you haven’t read it already, check out The Other Side.  A terrific nightmare.

  7. Yeah, Other Side was awesome

  8. @dnuefeld I have in fact read it was amazing. So far that and Born by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson are the two best depiction of Vietnam I’ve read in comics.

  9. Great cover. it makes me think of a movie for some reason

  10. Full metal jacket

  11. OH!

  12. So, any speculation on the surprise character?

  13. @sunnvaletrash I bet it’s Dash’d father

  14. Wow, what a cover.

    @Sunnyvale- My guess is that asshole Sheriff (can’t remember his name). 

  15. @WadeWilson- Good guess, Aaron said he wanted to write about him specifically a while back. Although its hard for me to associate the feathers on the helmet with a redneck.

  16. @mike: You guessed it.

    Its the best issue of Scalped i’ve read in a fucking while. I really, truly love this series. A perfect cover to a very important piece of the Scalped puzzle. Aaron and RM outdone themselves with this awesome standalone issue.

  17. So, Wade is Catcher, right?

  18. No, nevermind.  Wade is/was Dash’s father.

  19. I love Scalped so much. Great in every conceivable way; Cover, pencils, coloring, story, story progression, characters. 

  20. God it’s like every time this thing comes out I can’t find the words to say how amazing it is. Just so, so unbelievably well written and drawn… nope doesn’t do it justice. 

  21. Oh my God is this book amazing. It owns my POTW every damn time it comes out. It deserves a sixth star. Any other book that comes out on a week when Scalped comes out doesn’t even have a chance at being my POTW, because this I’d everything I want in a comic book; amazing writing, beautiful art, and a brilliant story.

  22. This…was awesome.

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