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  1. Great to see a backstory issue for Nitz!

  2. So I guess they’re just waiting till Guerra’s back to continue the Dash/con artist story?

  3. BOOM!

  4. 3 weeks in between issues… kiss me Aaron.

  5. What happened to the casino robbery story? Last issue was as good as always, & I’m sure this issue will be no exception, but it seems kinda weird to start a story then throw in two stand alone flash back issues (??).

  6. I have a feeling the backstories will be at least slightly relevant to the casino story? Wasn’t the one last issue titled "part 2"? I’m guessing these characters will be relevant to it somehow.

  7. I should point out that I don’t mind either way as any Scalped is better than most things out there, regardless of where it "fits in."

  8. Last issue was great, and this probably will be too, but goddamn, I loved the setup of the first casino robbery story.

  9. Started reading at #25.   Just finished #26.  Looking forward here on out but how far should I dip into the back issues to get more overall story and character development?

  10. @wetwork – i’d say go back and start at #1.  but if you’re not up to it, the Dead Mothers storyline is probably a good starting point.  lots of development for Dash and Redcrow came out of that arc

  11. I started reading at #21 and decided 19 and 20 in issues and later picked up Vol 1 & 2.  It was worth it.  I’m ready to continue on with Dash and the casino robbery.  Nitz is a dirtbag, but his backstory will be interesting.  I hope Diesel and Nitz play major roles in "High Lonesome" since we’re spending time on developing their backgrounds. 

  12. @WetWork — I’ll highly second what cutty said (can you "highly" second something?) — start at issue #1. Every single one of the previous 26 issues has been comics gold. No exceptions.

  13. What a great issue. I’d love it if we got more of these little character backstory issues, maybe 2 or 3 a year.

  14. Another excellent little diversion for the series.

  15. Again: outstanding issue. I love this series so much.

    Interestingly, this was "part 3 of 5" so…we’ll see how it all ties in soon enough I guess? Aaron is a master at tying it together.

  16. Can’t believe I actually have something negative to say about this brilliant title … but, *ahem* the art was really bad this issue. It was still a solid 4/5 book because the writing was as awesome as always, but yeah … bad art. Bad to the point where it wasn’t clear what was happening at times … bring back RM Guerra!!

  17. Also … did anyone else notice the cover was different to the solicited one? The writing on the badge is covered over with red paint. Was the FBI thing played down/censored on the cover because of how bad it makes them look?

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