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  1. It amazes me how consistently amazing these covers are.

  2. Bring it on!  this book is goddamn satisfying every month.  Aaron is wiping the floor with every other book out there witht this sweet piece of fucked up crime drama.

  3. i cant wait!! i love this ever since i started this with the dead mothers storyline and then picked up the trade

  4. Another outstanding cover from Jock.

  5. I dare this book to be more consistanly awesome. Seriously, I dare it. I don’t know if it’s possible.

  6. So, what’s Dash up to now…? 🙂

    I like the sound of this arc, and have loved this book since #1 and will continue to do so.  <3 Aaron.

  7. This is the best new book in years.  And Aaron was right when he recomended Boulevard Beer and burnt ends when in KC.  Get there and try some.

  8. C’mon Ifanbase this book needs more readers, and it is one of the best comics on the market. There’s no reason for it to be this low on the pull list.

  9. @Rou21

     Yea I was shocked when I saw the numbers and saw that this book only sells about 6k copies a month.


    This book is fantastic and people need to start reading it.

  10. This issue was freakin’ awesome.  This book and Captain America are, for my money, the two best comics being published, month in and month out.

  11. This is so far ahead of everything else out there right now.  Aaron puts so much depth into every single character

  12. Goddamn, this was good.  I love card-shark/con-man stories, and this is gonna blow up into something huge.

     Nice to see Dash back in the book too.

  13. @Sunnyvale….. I’m glad to see Dash back too, although he’s not lookin’ so hot these days….. those darn drugs 🙁

     Great issue!

  14. i wish i could give this book 6 stars.  the only book i have left to read from the week is batman, but unless gaimen has one of the greatest comics ever writen, thisw might be my POW

  15. Amazing. As usual. 🙂

  16. This book is so far above everything else coming out right now. If you own the first trade I encourage you to lend it to someone, especially someone who thinks they don’t like comics, and watch what happens. I’ve created at least 3 rabit Scalped fans that way.

  17. LOVED THE START!!! Some of the best comic-ing ever is being done in the book. Wish I could show it to some of my other friends, but it’s a bit ceedy to really tout as something I love. That said, I LOVE this book! Pure awesome.

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