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  1. YAY!!!! RM Guera’s back!

    However, i would be alot more exited for this if it didn’t have the poor fortune of coming out the same week as all star supes.

  2. I liked the art from the last issue.  It had me wanting to go out an meet a nice drug-addicted heavily-tattooed girl.

  3. Could these covers be cooler?

  4. No they could not.

    Oh Jock, please draw a series. 

  5. Dino Poor Bear has been set up to be a real tragic character.  This arc is gonna be heartbreaking; can’t wait!

  6. Is this something that can be jumped into, or is it best to start at the beginning and catch up?

  7. Start up from the beginning. You get so much more from the characters and storyline.

  8. Anyone know how many parts this arc is?

  9. Anyone know if this would be a good jumping on point?

  10. Wow.  I’m only halfway through my stack, but I’ll be shocked if this isn’t the pick

  11. @Kreider

    I haven’t read this issue yet, but the main artist jsut came back on and an arch just finished. You could probibly get a good price on the trade if you go Amazon. I really like this title… it’s deompressed but a nice new setting, good art and decent characters in it. 

  12. You could totally pick this issue up.

  13. Another awesome issue (I could almost write this about every issue before I even read it!).

    One question though:


    The shooting at the start is not related to the last issues, & Red Crow’s daughter right? This story is leading to what happened there (hence the "Three weeks from now") & will explain it, we are not meant to know the reasons for that yet, right?

    Just checking, because sometimes I miss things. 🙂

  14. @WadeWilson – That’s how I took it.  He had Gina’s "soul" in his backseat as he was driving to that bar or whatever it was

  15. Wow, another great issue. And to answer the question above from KreiderDesigns, yes this seems like a good time to start this series. The book itself is about haunted pasts so you shouldn’t be too lost starting here. Beginning in issue #1 there’s been unknown backstory that gets exposed as the book moves along. So, I guess we all are in the dark about something with "Scalped". Get onboard now because this is the book everyone should be reading.

  16. @Cutty — I thought that cafe that Red Crow shot up was where his daughter works? So, I thought maybe it was related to her "bad days" at work from last issues. But, I guess Red Crow isn’t the type of bloke who would fight for his daughter’s honor …

  17. i can understand and appreciate wanting to get in on this book, as it’s fantastic.  But there’s really no reason to go back and get the trades.  Amazing writing and art,

  18. *not to go back and get the trades.

  19. this book is always good. i can’t think of one bad issue.

    this is a good jumping on point but i would highly recommend picking up the back issues or trades. great book.

  20. Definitely go back & read from the start if you wanna get the most out of this series. It’s easily one of the best comics of the last couple of years, so it’s well worth it.

    PS — Just re-read this issue & Griff is a bitch.

  21. @wade – yes he is.  and i love Dino Poo Bear, hopefully he makes it out of this arc alive

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