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  1. Two covers in a row from this book that I’d love to have as posters.

    Bradstreet is the man.

  2. I love these little 2-part or single issue character studies in between major storylines.  Vertigo seems to do them so well

  3. God, i really really really love this book. In fact, i wish every book was Scalped.

  4. 0.0 i love this seres so much…im so glad i picked it up did not expect it til i looked at this weeks comics and i want # 19’s cover as a poster SOOOOOO bad

  5. Looks like this is the only thing I’m even piking up this week. Is that wrong?

  6. @DenverDave – Well, it means every book in your stack will be awesome. Not many people can say that!

    @rayclark – Let’s start a petition or something, I really want issue #19’s cover as a poster.

    The only bad thing about this book is it’s a little unfair on all the other books, it’s just too good. My advice, is to save it for last in your stack, or everything else isn’t as good by comparison. But, you’re all grown men, I don’t need to tell you how to read your damn comics!

  7. Three-peat?

    You know you want to Josh.

  8. I always read it first; it’s just so damn awesome.

  9. Wow.

    I hope Dashiel doesn’t become a junkie. =( The ending when he was walking towards Carol, I was thinking "No no no no" in my head. This book really sucks me in more than any other, it feels so real & makes you care about these characters.

    My POW, and I think this is the best book on the stands right now.

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