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When Savage Dragon turns bad, it’s up to America’s Fighting Force to put him in his place! Enter: SuperPatriot and the new Special Operations Strikeforce! While Malcolm and Angel cope with being the children of the World’s Most Wanted man, their fiendish father does what he does best: killing everything in his path! All this and Flying Colors’ own Captain Four-Color! The countdown to the end of the world continues!

Featuring a TWISTED SAVAGE DRAGON FUNNIES backup story starring Vicious Circle Therapy Group by Chris Sinderson.

story, art & cover ERIK LARSEN

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. SUPERPATRIOT!!! I really hope he survives.

  2. Last issue was great!

  3. This will be cool.  Haven’t seen a lot of superpatriot recently and I’ve always liked the character(not as much as i like Vanguard though). 

    I think I might have a letter printed in this issue!

  4. Okay, that didn’t went that well. Shit just got real.

  5. Savage Dragon has been a great read lately, then again it always has been, baby! Epic stuff.

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