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Savage Dragon has become the greatest menace on the face of the earth! Now, Earth’s mightiest heroes are uniting to stop him from taking over the world — or destroying it! The Deadly Duo face off against Chicago’s former finest in a prelude to the most earth-shattering epic of all time!! Not for sissies!

story, art & cover ERIK LARSEN

Price: $3.50
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  1. Good ol’ Deadly Duo.

  2. Its been forever since Larsen used the deadly duo! now all he needs to do is use powerhouse more often.

  3. For real! I am hoping Powerhouse steps in to give Kurr what fer!

  4. Agreed on Powerhouse.

    I also miss Mr. Glum.  Not world conquering Mr. Glum, but rather Calvin & Hobbes style Mr. Glum.  Ah the good old days.

  5. is this comic any good, how would you rank it, is it worth jumping on and reading?

  6. It’s good.  It’s had the same writer/artist for every issue.  It often pays homage to classic comic stories, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    To be honest though, jumping on here might not be the best time.  Maybe I’ll change my mind after I read this issue, but it’s been a pretty complicated story recently and probably hard to follow for a new reader.


  7. I love the Deadly Duo – may be time to hit my long boxes to pull out the first 2 mini-series from years ago.

  8. Next month is my back up!

  9. Any spoilers on what characters you’ll be featuring in your backup, Vito?

     I’ve been enjoying these backups so far, by the way. I think it’s a cool idea.  

    I read the first couple chapters of the previous backup series, but eventually stopped figuring I’d read them all in one sitting at some point.  

  10. @VitoDelsante

    Big shoes to fill. So far the back-ups have been great.

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