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“DRAGON WAR,” Aftermath
The war is over, but the battle continues! Revealed as possibly the greatest menace on the face of the earth Savage Dragon must now face a world united against him! The Dynamic Daredevil returns — and you’re not going to believe who and what are waiting in the wings!

PLUS our second in a series of TWISTED SAVAGE DRAGON FUNNIES! This one’s by ANDREW DIMITT, featuring Savage Dragon and Roughneck!

story, art & cover ERIK LARSEN
flip cover ANDREW DIMITT

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


  1. As always, SO EXCITED FOR THIS!  Last month it was my POW!  this week, it’s in contention probably with Amazing Spider-man and the Walking Dead.

    THIS TITLE JUST EXUDES CLASSIC COMIC BOOK GOODNESS!! ((while still being fresh and innovative from month to month)

  2. I agree on all points- this is one of the best books on the stands and one I always look forward to.  It’s a book that always keeps you on your toes as a reader, and so few books actually do that.

  3. Going to be the first time picking it up, heard good things about the last issue from another podcast, Teenage Wasteland, so I figure I’ll give it a shot. 

  4. If you like superhero books, dynamic art, big brawls and a ever shifting status quo, combined with the advantage of the vision of one creator, without retcons, without muddled crossovers, you should like Savage Dragon. Just give it a few issues, it developes it’s strength after you get a good sense of the characters and what to except.

  5. I’ll second that and add that once you dive in for a few, if you like it, you’ll be compelled to hunt down trades and back issues to get the whole story.

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