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  1. Picked up last issu for Image United Prelude and while I was in the middle of a story line I found myself wanting to know what happeend next, I am picking up this series again

  2. Same thing happened to me BrikHed! I’m really excited to see where Larsen takes this!!

  3. Was going to drop this, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. Great story this week; it looks like Larsen’s artwork was rushed though, which is often ok but here it took me out of the story.

  5. Does anyone think Amys gonna become She-Dragon again? or do you think that there will be a new She-Dagon? cuz I don’t see Larson not having a She-Dragon.

  6. @cubsmodano: Know what you are saying. Some panels have been really sketchy, even for my taste. But it was still okay.

    @WinTheWonderboy: I think we don’t see much of Amy or any other She-Dragon for a foresable future. Larsen seems to be all about doing new stuff, not looking back. 

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