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  1. This book has been soooooo good lately i wish more people bought it.

  2. I’ve enjoyed SD lately too, but it’s just not grabbing hold with me as much as other books.  I mean- I like it a lot when I read through it every month, but I’m not exactly awaiting this book with baited breath every month either.  It’s solid, consistent and fun.. but not blowing my mind or capturing my imagination like some other titles.  However the consistency has to count for something.. I’m hangin’ around with this title for now.

  3. As someone who reads my comics from least to most anticipated, this is a great book to read second or third.  I love the book, but it’d look like crap if I read it between issues of, say, Chew and The Mighty.

  4. I’m just jumping onto this series.  I decided I need a fun action book that doesn’t need to be taken too seriously.  I believe this will do.

  5. @dneufeld That’s exactly how I got started on this book, around #138.  You can pretty much pick it up anywhere along the line.  It is pretty similar to "old school comics".. a single issue will have action and a story that can be taken as something that is reasonably self-contained, BUT.. developments will have ramifications to a larger picture.

  6. @dneufeld

    This is a great book for that.  You might want to look into Power Girl as well.  It takes itself just a -little- more seriously, but I’d say it’s easily one of the top 3 books art wise.

  7. Cool, thanks fellas.

  8. Definitly old school style, with a harder edge. Overall one of the most fun books to read every month. I really get a kick out of the current twist and turns!

  9. I picked up the first two "Savage Dragon Archives" and then jumped on board the monthlies with issue 150; MANI love this series!

    I read from Erik Larsen in a recent letters column (prob’ly issue 153) that volumes 3 and 4 of the Archives are definitely on the way; anyone have any idea as to when they’re scheduled for release? Weren’t the first two archives released like two years ago??

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