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  1. Love the solicitation copy for this issue!  Should be another fun one.

  2. I usually love Larsen covers but this month with both this and JG, it’s been weak.

  3. Yeah that is one ugly cover.

    What’s the solicitation supposed to mean? The villain, I assume?

    Mildly excited.

  4. I think I’m dropping this book.  I like the 90s animated series which helped in deciding to jump on during the Solar Man arc but this is book is a bit convoluted at times.  I think what would make me like this better is to slim down alot of the story, more focused.

  5. Hrm, I loved these last 4 issues, but this was all over the place to me. I had no idea what was going on for most of the book. Kinda disappointing. Here’s hoping #150 doesn’t let me down, or else this series has gone from excellent to dropped in a matter of 6 issues.

  6. Does the new Dart own a bra?

  7. I really enjoyed the structure of this.  Very interesting and fun way to cover a lot of ground.

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