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  1. My LCS never got issue #135 and it took me a couple of months to track down the issue.  Here’s hoping I get this one and that it leads to more issues of SD in 2008.

  2. I really wish Larsen would put out more issues of SD. I know he’s busy running image now, but I miss my monthly Dragon fix, even if the last issue wasn’t his best.

  3. It was just announced in Chicago that Larsen ahs stepped down has the head of Image, so maybe this will mean more time for comics.

  4. That kinda sucks, i mean I’m happy he’ll have more time for comics but i think he did a good job running image. but more dragon always a good thing, so yay!!!!

  5. I liked the backup as an addition to the already fine feature. I definitely miss my monthly dosage of SD and feel that reading issues in bunches is kind of the only way to remember everything that’s going on. I’m glad to see that Larsen has recommitted his time to the title and can’t wait to get it on a near-monthly schedule again soon!

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