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Last issue we heard from Professor Kidd about UFOs as mythology. This is the story of the Bluebirds, the aircraft enthusiasts who know flying saucers are real – and have been taking them on in dogfights since World War 2!

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by David Lapham
Cover by Ryan Kelly

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  1. Loving that cover.

  2. Last issue was kind of a throwaway for me. Hoping this one sees the book get back on track.

    • I re-read the last issue last night and to me it gave the series more depth. It opened up so many possibilities and questions about what really is behind the ufo sightings and abduction experiences, which to me increased the sense of mystery.

    • @Baykid: I agree. It was my favorite issue of the series, by far.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this book. After re-reading the first 6 last month, I’m excited to find out more about the Bluebirds. Plus, UFO’s and WWII!! How can that not be completely awesome?

  4. Is it really being shopped for television? I think this would be an incredible series for television. I think it would work even better in that format. It’s a bit dry for comics. I still like it better than a lot of stuff out there, but, it’s a bit dry. Like an English biscuit. Which are shaped like UFO’s…hmmm.

  5. I miss Ryan Kelly..

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