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BKV’s and FIONA STAPLES’ controversial epic continues!

Stranded on a mystical alien world, new parents Marko and Alana encounter their greatest fear.

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art & Cover by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 41.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Aw yeah!

  2. How great are these covers?

  3. molly hayes from Runaways?

  4. This series is just soooooo good.

  5. This is something else, this cover I mean; very creepy and just really ready to come right at us! I am really liking this title and I was wondering is this a mini, maxi or an ongoing? Issues one and two were lots of action and fun and I want more.


  6. this series got me from the get-go with it’s unlining political, social and domestic messages and themes(not to mention fiona’s talent for drawing great facial expressions).
    great, great stuff.
    my biggest complaint: not enough tv head porn. lol

  7. Love this title and can’t wait to read it when my stash gets delivered on Thursday.

    I’m fairly new to comics, so will have to dig into more BKV. Any suggestions?

    • Y: The Last Man for sure.

    • Y: the last man is his best work (in my opinion). Every man on the planet except one dies, leaving yorick brown alone in a world of woman. I think there is ten trades.

      If your after something shorter, Pride of Bagdad is an original graphic novel, about a group of lions trying to escape a zoo. Beautiful story.

      If you looking for something more main stream he did a three part Wolverine story called Logan, set during WW2, which I really liked. Or a Spider-man story called Negative Exposure about a rival of Peters who is tired of always been scoped for photos.

    • Everyone will say Y: The Last Man and with good reason.

      His second most popular has got to be Ex Machina. I haven’t read it though.

      To give you a left field suggestion no one else will give you though, I’d say check out his work on Swamp Thing.

    • @henryj2112: You lucky devil you get to read Y – The Last Man for the first time. You’re in a wonderful position.

      Both Y and Ex Mechanic are really good. You should just get out there and read them. Just don’t let other people other hype it, they’re solid, well told comics

    • The first 2 volumes of Runaways are also very enjoyable.

    • Y the Last Man is exceptional. Ex Machina is great. I just finished the first digest for Runaways and I can’t wait to pick up the others. That’ll give you plenty of reading. Really want to pick up Pride of Bagdad

    • Thanks for all of the suggestions guys.

      I’ll pick up the first couple of trades of each when I next go to my LCS.

      @edward – It’s always great to have a new title to sink your teeth into. How many books do you wish you could read again for the first time?!

    • The Escapist is also really good and not too long.

    • Runaways Vol 1 and half of Volume 2 (then joss whedon finishes out Volume 2 so its still worth reading). Well done comics, best team book ever.

  8. I have to say that its the art that is making this a top of the stack read for me. Fiona Staples is killing it. BKV story is that much better with her drawing it.

  9. Well no Batman this week so any guesses on how high the POTW percentage gets?

    i’m going with around 80%

  10. Characters run wild in this book.So many characters so little book.How does he do it?

  11. How is this book controversial ? Is it still about the breast feeding on the first cover ?

  12. Easily my favorite comic series that’s out right now.
    Its just that great!

  13. Congrats to Image on another comic to grab the top spot from the big two, times are a changing; so beware big guys there is a third big company that has slowly been on the rise and I think this year is the true turning point for Image!! I thinkwith titles like this, TWD, Invincible and a host of others will start the split in between the big two.


    • For me Image is and has been #1 for a long time, now they are making it known to everyone. Marvel will continue to wallow in events and multiple books of mediocre quality, DC will keep tossing 52 strands of spaghetti at the wall to see which stick, and Image will keep fostering an environment where books like this can run free of the crossover/event/greed chains and creators can make their visions a reality with close to no compromises. I was happy for the current state of indie/creator-owned books, but Saga has made me so overly optimistic for what the future holds I can barely stand it! Great stuff!

  14. I wish this was a weekly.

  15. Looking at the cover, it feels like we are only getting half of the story.

  16. When you guys read this, does it feel a bit like Moonshadow?

    • I enjoyed Saga #3 but the cliff-hanger felt forced. Then it reminded me that cliff-hangers have been BKV’s “go to” and it kind of disappointed me. It made an extraordinary series thus far seem like an ordinary BKV series.

    • Especially the impending price to pay the cliffhanger portends. I get tired of chick drama B.S.and I don’t wanna deal with the “how’s he gonna splain his way outta this.” I get enough of this type of shit at home all the time from my old lady. This is exactly the type of shit I’m trying to ecsape from when i go to my hovel and read my comics!

      How the protagonist ( I forget his unremarkable name) handles this horse shit will defign his character. I hope he’s more like, “shut yer hole and know yer role. My past is irrelevant and just thank God our daughter isn’t an orphan, okay, got it? And we won’t speak of it again.” That’s what I hope he says, like a real man, and not like smarmy insecure dweeb Yorick Brown. Which, it appears, is he way he’s heading.

    • To that end, if his wife comes at him with “who’s Gwen” right after his near escape from death it doesn’t make her likeable in the slightest.

    • Exactly Smasher!

  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I demand more spider-boobs! Also, I demand more secrets to be told.

  19. God , I love this book. Who the fuck is Gwendolyn?

  20. So good. The Stalk is already one of my favorite characters. Parts if this series remind me of reading Scud.

  21. I hate the dialogue in this book so much. Looks like I’m the only one who didn’t think this was a very good issue either.

    • I’m kinda scared to admit, but im not feeling the same way everyone else is about this book. Did I read Y the last man and love it? Yes. I was originally going to trade wait this, but decided against it because of all the crazy reviews, but i think i might be going back down that road again…

    • I like it but there are (I know I’ll regret saying this) other titles I enjoy so much more, & think Trades will be the way for me.

    • My wife is really liking this so I’ll keep getting it in issues. It helps with justify the other books I get.

    • I dropped the book due to the poor dialogue. It was overwritten and corny. When reading, I didn’t see characters but instead visualized a 30 something writer trying to be really clever and snappy (“Kiss my hemorrhoids” – “I enjoy drinking daughter’s breast milk” – ugh)

      I also recognize that I’m in the minority, the book isn’t for me and glad to hear others are enjoying the book.

    • @markavo
      my wife reads this, too. this, american vampire and she’s about to start wonder woman. so i hear ya on the justification. it’s nice when it works out that way.

    • I’m right there with you guys. Sci-fi/fantasy doesn’t float my boat as much as post-apocalypse gender commentary or historical/political fiction with superheroes

  22. I’m enjoying this book, but by no means do I think it’s the best thing going right now. I dunno. Not sure I feel about the dead half-girl’s dialogue, but I can get around it.

  23. Simply incredible! This issues was weaker than the previous two but it had heart and emotion and it really drew me in rather than tossing a bunch of WTF? and new things at me which I completely enjoyed. Easily one of the best comics I have read in years and it hits all the right notes for me and my interests and is just like an old pair of jeans when I sit down with it, and for only being #3 that is saying a lot. I could drop my entire pull list, only keep this, and be perfectly content. It isn’t about hype, BKV, Fiona, or any past work/nostalgia, I just love this for what it is on its own regardless. This is everything right and good about comics.

  24. I agree this issue impressed me less than the first two, but it’s still dripping with originality and BKV sweetness.

    Favorite moment:
    “I’m never picking up for that bitch again.”

    The Lying Cat is a gag that will probably never get old. I gotta get me one o’ those.

  25. What a fanastic little title, this is like a little soap opra only nothing like a soap opra. Kidding, this was a great read and I am a little concerned with the whole bonding of the soul with the baby. This ghost girlie seems harmless however; I just can’t say that I trust her and what if she is trying to help herself. Just lots of cool ideas coming from this title and this is really out of my wheel house of comics but has really pulled me in and I like it.


    • What a great ally to have while everyone’s trying to kill you and take your baby. She’s twisted looking and can project evil, terrible things into enemies minds?

      Sure she’s no Chewbacca but she’s a cool sidekick for Hazel all the same.

  26. This is trippy as hell.

    Who the eff is Gwendolyn?

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