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S.W.O.R.D. #4

Beast, Brand and her crew face an assault on multiple fronts as they go on the run and STILL have stop more than one alien insurgency. Can they upend Gyrich’s plot and stop the invasions in one fell swoop?

PENCILS: Steven Sanders
COVER BY: Michael Del Mundo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Is everyone too sad to comment?

    I figure I’ll support this book for the last two issues. The five issues together might make a nice set at the end. I’m enjoying the art and don’t see why Marvel haven’t given it a chance.

    I wonder if the Avengers writers decided they wanted Beast so this book had to be killed.

  2. I’m a bit upset, yes.

  3. I’m fucking pissed at marvel for cancelling this and Doctor Voodoo.

  4. does it make me shallow to not buy this because its been canceled?

  5. @convoy: Would you not want to see the end of this arc?

  6. @rockingeek I agree 100%.

    I mean, I know it’s a business and everything, but c’mon. If DC can afford to keep Magog going at 9,000 copies a month, Marvel could surely have kept this around for a little while longer. B.S. I’ll probably pick up whatever collection it comes in first.

  7. Cover looks awesome.

  8. This is just my opinion but reading Spider-Woman I think Marvel may have realized they had two very conflicting takes on S.W.O.R.D. Not to mention Beast may be pulled into The Avengers.

    I am sure the same thing applied with Doctor Voodoo, I would think the "Heroic Age" probably doesn’t offer much for this type of book. Same thing for Ghost Rider.

    I cannot imagine sales could have played much of a part as the cancellation would have to coincide near the launch and sales wouldn’t be able to be estimated until issue 3 was coming out.

    IMO Marvel is taking the serious approach to Brand and the humorous nature and cartoony style of this book just did not fit.

    Sad for me because I liked this and was hoping for another Nextwave style title.

  9. I’m so sad to see this cool comic go. Only one issue left. *sob*

  10. Cancellation really sucks as the book is improving issue by issue. The art here was spectacular.

  11. @miyamotofreak  I agree.  Even the depiction of Beast is starting to feel like just an extension of the art rather than a new interpretation of the character.  One more glorious issue to go.

  12. Definitely the best issue since the first. Hopefully, we’ll get a mini or something in the future, UNIT is much too great to be wasted.

  13. @MacAoidh

    Agreed. I was not fussed about issue 1, then they introduced UNIT and this book was added to the pull list straight away. A great character, far more threatening than ULTRON and robots like him. Hopefully he will survive issue 5 and appear in something else, either crash to Earth and become an Avenger villian or be shot into space and join Guardians of the Galaxy I don’t care but keep that character around.

  14. Too bad – this series rocked.  Very original, good story, characters – and different than most of the other stuff Marvel’s putting out.  Did they expect Astonishing X-Men numbers?

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