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S.W.O.R.D. #3

Agent Brand, Beast, Sydren, Beta Ray Bill, Marvel Boy, Jazinda, Karolina and all the other aliens on Earth have been captured by Henry Gyrich and his “NO MORE ALIENS” agenda. Only one person can free them and save the world: Lockheed.

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Steven Sanders
COVER BY: John Cassaday

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I have no idea what S.W.O.R.D. is, what’s been going on in this book, or who half those characters are, but that cover makes me want to get this.

  2. @Slockhart-You didn’t read Whedon/Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men? Its all in there.

  3. @rockingeek

    I was mostly all non-superhero and all trades up until about April.  My Omnibus should be here in about a week though.  Hopefully by then my shop still has issues 1-3 of this just in case.

  4. @slockhart even though you might not have been in on all the superhero stuff Whedon’s run is legendary so good job with the omnibus

  5. make-or-break issue for me

  6. I like the humour of the book, but not sure about it as a long term pull. I’ll stick with it for now.

  7. I’m keeping on with this, it feels like Red Dwarf in the X-Universe, sci-fi sitcom with an oddly British sensibility.

  8. @skeets, I’m with you on this being the make-or-break issue. That cover sure looks promising, though.

    I can’t believe this is the only issue on my pull list this week.  Makes me worry about next week…

  9. If he had just not turned such a recognizable character (Beast) into Chester Cheetah, I think a lot more people would be into this book. I think the first two issues were incredibly fun. But I remain annoyed every time it is no-longer-easy-to-be-cheesey strolls on panel. Maybe he could shrink his nose gradually, say 3 inches every issue for six issues until it is of a size that would fit through a door…

  10. I’ve been on record before as loving Beast’s design in this book. I think Steven Sanders is an excellent artist, and he really makes Beast shine in this. It’s sad to me that this book will most likely not survive based on the length of a nose. Sure, it gives a somewhat comical air to Hank, but it works very well. I will read this book until the day it gets canceled. So so good.

  11. Don’t you need to read at least part of G-Mo’s New X-Men to read Astonishing? I only read the first few trades of it, but all the stuff in those trades really factors into Astonishing.

  12. @miyamotofreak-you don’t have to read anything in order to understand Astonishing, that’s why it’s always recommended to people that want to read great X-Men stories.

  13. @drake

    I’ve actually read Astonishing already. But I remember there being a lot of New X-Men stuff in there like Cassandra Cain. 

  14. Sure but you don’t need to read NXM to understand it just like you don’t need to read Uncanny X-Men #129 to understand it. It might make it more enjoyable though. 😉

  15. @miya- Its Cassandra Nova. Cassandra Cain is Bat-Girl, I think.

  16. RE: Astonishing New X-men

    I gave Astonishing to my girlfriend to read, cause she loved the 90’s cartoon. She really enjoyed it, and didn’t question the Cassandra Nova stuff, the story told her all she needed to now. Bald lady is evil.

    I think Astonishing would be great for new readers. If they like it, they can read New X-men. She won’t read new X-men she doesn’t like the art.

  17. You DO need to read New X-Men to understand Astonishing X-Men.  I read them backwards, and then again.  It made alot more sense.  You do.

  18. This book is so much fun. Fast, but in "real time" and full of interesting characters. Packed with action, cool concepts and smart cachy dialogues. Marvel at his best. And I don’t mind Beast’s muzzle. Its funny.

  19. Look I am really enjoying this comic. I could even get into the Beast nose if it didn’t seem extreme even for Sanders and his other characters. I just think it is sad that I read about so many people hating the art when I think the art is quite good. What many of these people hate is the Beast nose, not the art in general. Put that same nose on a new alien with no Marvel history and I bet the rating on this book would have jumped half a point. Maybe I am underestimating the typical reader, but I don’t think I am.

  20. @kickass-Like always, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    This was a really strong issue, my favorite of the series and probably my POTW.  

  21. Gave it 3 issues… none of them were anything better than average. dropped.

  22. My girlfriend and I both made this our pick of the week.  Very fun stuff.

  23. To be honest, when the first issue of this series came out I had high hopes. REALLY high hopes. I thought "WOW! An Xbook that isn’t about mutants but more like SHIELD! I bet the X-writers and artists will knock this out of the park! There’s no real continuity baggage, what could go wrong?"

    … needless to say this is NOT what I was hoping for. I wanted something more like SECRET WARRIORS, but instead I got Duck Dodgers… Not that anything is wrong with that. It’s sort of funny and I’m still going to read it because a part of me wants it to get better so I’ll let it run its course and be more careful about buying risky series in the future.

  24. I loved the first issue, but honestly the last two left me wanting a bit more.

  25.  Fuck, just like Doctor Voodoo. Two excelente new series cancelled. And Marvel are releasing Deadpool, spiderman and Iron man titles like cazies, but can’t be patient with new concept and new "Heroes". That fucking suck.



  26. Fucking hell… Such a great world, so much potential and actually something different. 🙁

  27. It’s sickening to think that half the reason for this is probably one snout, and a few lame Cassady covers.

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