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  1. Heh, I guess I’m mainly reading this book out of habit now. I’ve always loved the Runaways, since the Vaughan golden years to the Whedon debacle, I can’t really imagine this book being published and myself NOT buying it.

    Although the last few issues haven’t been terrible, let’s hope it improves!

  2. Takeshi Miyazawa on pencils was a breath of fresh air.

    Anyone think Brian K. Vaughan will return to write soon?  I think he will.

  3. @KickAss – I haven’t heard anything that would lead me to believe BKV is going to return to writing, but I would absolutely love it if he did. Did you hear any rumors or anything?

  4. BKV is not returning.  Aside from being super busy with LOST, Fresh Ink just announced the new creative team for the book.  It has me quite curious.  I dropped this book after Terry’s first issue, but plan on getting the trade and then pickin up the singles again.  I miss my Runaways 🙁

  5. I think I’m out this issue. It’s not Runaways anymore. I cringe almost everytime this series has come up in my pull. If things get better, I might be back. It’s really sad, because Runaways was what got me back into comics. I feel sad letting it go.

  6. drakedangerz- Who’s the new creative team, then?

  7. @PTAhole-

    Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker: Hellcat) as writer

    Sarach Pichelli (NYX:No Way Out) doing the art

    David LaFuente on cover duties.

    "Marvel promises that one Runaway will die in the new story arc and one might live again."

  8. The current run of this series makes me want to claw my eyes out. Wish I’d dropped it sooner.

  9. drakedangerz- Not familiar with either, but I’m willing to give it a shot for sure.

  10. I was just hoping BKV would be back.  I guess he could return at some point.  It may be a while I guess.

    How has everyone liked the art now with this penciller?

  11. Officially dropped. Could hardly get myself to finish this issue. When writers change i’ll give it another shot

  12. Wow.

    This book was nearly perfect. I’ve mentioned before in comments and reviews and such that I think the new season of Runaways has been lacking, but this issue completely changed my opinion on it.

    It was everything I wanted. Molly was the star of the first few pages, there was nice interaction between all of the Runaways, and the art was beautiful. I’m still not completely sold that this will be as good as BKV’s run on the book, but this issue brought my hopes up.

    One complaint I’ll give is that I think too much dialogue can ruin this book, and at the end there was a bit too much, only for the last few pages, but it was enough to throw it off for a little bit. I think if the dialogue stays concise and the art looks this beautiful every month, this book could really turn out to be something.


  13. Terrible

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