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  1. Hopefully if I sit and read this all at once it will make more sense

  2. nice cover!

  3. In what way has this story arc been in anyway "heart wrenching"? Honestly I’m just thrilled for this arc to be over and to start with something new.

  4. This book could be on the chopping block for me, I mean I love Terry Moore, but I just don’t think I care anymore about any of these characters.  I think I need to re-read the BKV run and see if its really worth it to continue.  I do agree though, beautiful cover.

  5. I think by "heartwrenching" they’re referring to watching a writer who you know can do better ruining one of your favorite books.

  6. Havingnow read this, I can tell you, it sucked.

  7. After 4 issues I had enough and didn’t even bother. Maybe I’ll pick up again now that Ramos is off, but probably not since he is only part of the problem. If only BKV (or even Whedon) were still on this book…

  8. I think the only servicable writer so far has been BKV. Whedon screwed up all of the momentum that BKV had built. I give Terry Moore props for trying something new and i think that he will become more comfortable with the series in the following arcs. As for this one: 3 out of 5

  9. I may be the only one here but I really liked this arc and I enjoy Terry moore on this book plus I love Whedon but hated his arc.

  10. I’ll agree that Whedon’s arc was by in way up to par with even the worse that BKV, I still enjoyed it more than Moore’s. Maybe it’s Ramos’s art the brings it down, but it just feels like  Moore hasn’t been able to write the characters (or a story that fits them) in the right way.

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