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  1. My only complaint with this series is that it couldn’t be published twice a month 🙂

  2. I love Moore (even his Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane that everyone seems to hate), but this has been pretty mediocre so far. I’ll keep with it for a couple more issues. I hope it gets better.

  3. This might be my last issue if things don’t pick up. Not only are these characters almost completely unrecognizable now, but the art is just a turn off.

  4. I hear an art change maybe coming….

  5. I hope so. Not that the artist needs to be as good as Alphona was, but I prefer something slightly more realistic than Ramos.

  6. The next arc will feaure art by Takeshi Miyazawa, who did the fill-in art during the BKV run.

  7. I am a Romos fan, however his actin panels in this leave me in need of labels for each character.

  8. Hmm this story arc is dragging and Ramos is better in this issue but still not to my liking. Hope things pick up, but worth keeping around for a few more issues to see what happens.

  9. while I think the colourist is good in of itsself. it is most certainly not complimentry with the line work of the art, making it a jumbled mess.


    drop the colours back and reduce the contrasts from the shadows

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