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  1. The first issue was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for this issue 🙂

  2. Did Terry Moore really do that cover? Is that really the coverthey’re using?

  3. That’s really the cover they used. This issue saw some improvements from last month, but the exaggerated style of Ramos still leads to panels that are too busy and confusing.

  4. I really like the direction the book has gone in both art and writing.

  5. The art was better this time around, but the action scenes are way too busy. It’s very hard to tell what’s going on.

  6. @shogunt I….. agree…. I’m still on board, but something didn’t ring true with this issue.

  7.  I do like this book and in the past i have like ramos’ work but  i have to admit i did loose track of what was going on in the action panels. I’ll probably stick around for now at least

  8. The action is a bit confusion at first, I still think there were some decent action panels toward the end of the fight.  I am really enjoying some of the character moments that are going on, I think Moore does have a good handle on the individuals.  So I"m hooked in for issue 3.

  9. I don’t want to see Moore mess with Karolina & Xavin! I was just getting used to the two being coupled.

    The panels seemed to be very busy and chaotic in this issue, not that much fun to read.

  10. Just read 1 and 2 tonight, but my criticisms pretty much ring true for both.  I’ve no experience with Moore, so I’ll certainly give him some leeway in the storyline.  i can’t say as much for Ramos.  For virtually thirty issues, the existence of the entire line, the art has been much more realistic.  The introduction of a manga/cartoon style just made me want to wince.  It’s harder to connect to the characters when they barely resemble the folks you’ve grown used to over so many issues.  

    One of the core aspects of Runaways was that it took the characters, teenagers, as serious individuals.  They had serious problems and emotions and it originally was established that the artwork parallel this seriousness.  That’s not to say there aren’t moments of levity, but Runaways didn’t dumb itself down at any point and that’s the issue I have with Ramos’ style for the title.

    The character designs are dumbed down.  They’re more simplistic.  The two twelve year olds appear as if they’re really just eight or nine year olds, which totally goes against the character of Klara, whom Ramos even called a young adult.  I mean the girl was married and forced to endure things that are considered criminal now, and Ramos represents her like a ten year old.  

    Frankly put, the style is demeaning to the characters and the attitude established and carried by the title from issue 1 to 30.  Marvel just slapped a lot of folks in the face by choosing to go with this change of direction.  

    With regard to Moore, I will agree that it seems he’s screwing with Karolina and Xavin to a degree not quite warranted.  Though, the whole relationship has continued to be wonky for a while now with Xayvin having doubts and what not.  The existing storyline is borderline in what I regard as to be expected in a Runaways issue, not great, but not horrible.  One thing Moore has not done is to bring out the other characters, that don’t appear to have as much interest to him.  Earlier writing did a much better job at this task, which concedely, is not always easy to do with an ensemble cast.

    I’ll keep buying, but out of loyalty and hope that things will change for the better.

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