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  1. Last issue! After this its coming out directly in trades and hardcover.

  2. Is that what’s going on? I haven’t seen this solicited for the last 2 months. Straight to collection?

  3. @Nate-I doubt it, this is the first I’ve heard anyone say that.  The book is taking a break for a while because the creative team is doing a Pixie mini series. 

  4. @drake this week cup of joe on cbr

  5. @rockingeek-He states its being retooled, not cancelled, and mentions nothing about it only coming out directly in trades and hardcovers.

  6. Doesn’t "retooling" just equal cancelled, most of the time.

    I used to love this series, but it’s never found it’s feet since the "relaunch". So it ends with a whimper rather than a bag. For me it’s a mercey killing.

    I was with this series because I loved the characters, but if it does ever surfice again it’s going to need an impressive time, contracted for at least two years to bring me back.

    Sorry Runaways.

  7. @Zeppo-It doesn’t always mean cancellation; Moon Knight was retooled.  So if Marvel feels the need to bring that book that, I’ll stay optimistic and hope that they bring this back after they finish the Pixie mini.

  8. As long as there’s a RUNAWAYS book being put out by Marvel, I’ll be buying it. I hate to say that, because the book peaked during the BKV one and has been hit or miss since, but I can’t deny my insanity. If it comes out in trades and HCs only I’ll buy it as well. Here’s hoping whatever they do can, in the end, re-introduce a quality product under the RUNAWAYS banner.

    Also, I believe this is at least the 2nd time this cover/solicitation mixed up has happened. Weird.

  9. I think this is for the better. I’ve been buying this book out of loyalty rather than enjoyment. Even the new #1 (vol 2) with BKV was much weaker than the first 18 issues. Ever since Joss Whedon (who I really like) came on, I’m just not feeling it. 

  10. I am so sad by how much this series sucked on this last arc.  The dialogue was clunky and the jokes desperately reached for (and missed), and the characters were cardboard cutouts of themselves with no growth or depth.  Very disappointing end–they should probably have stopped putting it out until they found a new creative team with an actual vision for the book rather than letting it stagger down to this point.

  11. Wow, what a fantastic issue. Not quite up to par with the BKV stuff, but then nothing ever will be. One of the best issues since the original run though, I’d say. Exactly what I wanted. 5/5.

  12. The worst thing about Runaways has always been them telling us when someone dies or comes back. I want that to be a suprise. Is that too much to ask?

  13. @kwisdumb- You dumb.  Completely disagree.

    @theegreatone- Agreed.

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