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  1. This new creative team gives me hope for the book.  I’ll probably pick this up

  2. One Runaway will die? Come on. And one will live? Come on again. Can we please get this book some solid grounding before we start killing off characters? This entire volume has been a mess with no solid foundation. Can we have the solid foundation before we start making crazy whatever? Ugh.

    That said, I’ll be getting this. No idea why.

  3. ones dies one lives? what happens to the rest? unless theres just 2 of them now

  4. @GungaDin-You know what pisses me off?  I saw the solicit for $14 and it had a certain dead character on the cover.  I won’t spoil it, but was pretty damn pissed that they would put that on the cover (even if it ends up being a tease)

  5. yeah even if they bring back gert or even alex i dont care anymore because after bvk this series seemed like a bad fever dream.  but i must say that the last issue was awsome, but wasnt written by this writer  ;(

  6. I love runaways but i couldn’t excuse buying the terry moore stuff anymore cause it was sooooo dull. With a new creative team i want to give it another shot but i don’t wanna get burned again

  7. Please bring back Gert, please bring back Gert, Please bring back Gert…

    I have to read RUNAWAYS forever now, I think. It’s imprinted into who I am.

  8. yeah same here


  9. This was damn good!!  Heartbreaking at times, but good.  I’m not quite sure I like Victor’s characterization just yet, but everyone else seemed right to me.  Glad to be back onboard for this title.

  10. I enjoyed it, but if old lace’s really dead, I’m fucking dropping this book. I like Gert, but without Lace, I really don’t care about her.


  11. best ending ive seen in this book in a long while

  12. Solid 3/5 stars. That ending was heart-wrenching.

  13. I dropped this issues ago. I was thinking about picking it up but if they killed off Old Lace then I 100% do not care. It is not really The Runaways anymore. She is the heart of the team, the emotional baromiter if you will.

  14. I’d better clarify. It’s the BOOK I woldn’t care about. I LOVE Old Lace.

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