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  1. I say every month that I’ll be dropping this title, but it’s so difficult. This book started me on comics. It’s just been so dissapointing since Whedon’s arc. Harumph. I’m at a crossroads.

  2. This is a 1 issue fill in before the new longer term writer.

  3. Not looking forward to a Wolverine cross-over, but I’m excited for the new create team to start.

  4. It’s nice to be getting a sample of Pichelli’s art before she becomes the full-time artist.

    @Anson17 – What was wrong with Moore’s run? I, for one, enjoyed it very much even when comapared to the BKV and Whedon stuff.

  5. Fuck it, I’ll give this a shot. At least the art will be better than Ramos’ was.


  6. @J4K3

    The Moore run was just underwhelming. Not as bad as the Whedon run (which might be better if read all together, but the delays really did kill it) but it just seems like no one has been able to capture the feeling of the BKV stuff. 

    Moore is known for the relationship stuff but even in that run the characters feelings and personalities were constantly taking a back seat to the big action that they feel like they need to shoehorn into every issue.

    Go back and read the BKV stuff again. I just did recently and neither Whedon nor Moore come even close to capturing these characters, which is sad since that is what this book is supposed to be about.

  7. i dropped this after Whedon’s uber disapointing run (im not a huge Whedonite to begin with, and i almost wish this book had ended with BVK) but i like Yost and i miss reading Runaways, thanks to the recent video show.  i just have one question, is Niko gay now?  everytime i page through it she seems to be very close with Karolina.

  8. @J4ke. BKV’s initial 18 issue run is one of my top 10 runs of all time. Whedon’s run isn’t too bad when read in one sitting. The delays really took a toll on that story. Moore’s run has felt uneventful and artificial. The character interactions are off and feel unnatural. Ex: Chase lost all of the maturity he gained during the final BKV arc. He was developing into an even more interesting character and now he’s been reduced back to dumb jock. The art has been pretty terrible. Ramos’ style doesn’t do it for me. I love his fashion choices (most of them anyway) but the villains in the Rock Zombies arc looked terrible. Choosing to have the characters live in a Malibu mansion also seems like a miscalculation. It just doesn’t feel like Runaways anymore. Maybe if there had been a little more of a transitional arc, these things wouldn’t bother me as much, but as is, this just isn’t cutting it. I’ll try and review issue 10 once I’m able to pick it up. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but this might not be for me too much longer.

  9. @Diabhol

    Hey I actually like Ramos style a lot. It was defidently bettr than this issue’s. 

    I have to agree that I can’t wait until they get back onto the main story.

  10. well its looks like there back on track with this one. best issue ive read since bkv’s run. it felt and looked like the runaways i love and remember. i even liked the klara chracter finally.

  11. Wow, I really liked this. It feels surreal to be enjoying a Runaways comic again.

  12. Wow, 5 stars all the way. One of the best issues since Brian K. Vaughan’s run. This is Runaways in true form.

  13. the first 3/4 awesome that last story was week.

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