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  1. Remember when Runaways came out more than 4 times a year?  Those were the good ol days.

  2. I have to find the earlier issues of this so I can remember what the hell happened!

  3. Has anybody heard when Whedon’s run is up and Terry Moore takes over?

  4. I think Whedon’s only doing 6 issues, so 30 will be the last.  Right now it listed for March 12, though I imagine that will change. 

    I don’t see a date listed anywhere for Moore’s run so it may not be picking up right away.

  5. when i heard about whedon taking over i thought it was a dream come true but now i never get to read this book because it comes out every 4 months.  grrr arrggh.  hopefully the story will well when it’s collected because i can’t remember what happened last issue.  i’ll have to dig up my back issue.

  6. Okay, I did reread it, and it flows much better than I remembered.  This is going to make a great trade; unfortunately, this is a prime instance when Marvel should have waited 6 months, gotten some issues in the can, and put it out as a mini, or even an original graphic novel.  Then you would have had layoff, relaunch to some hype and a chance for people to read a complete — and really complex and layered — story, ideally leading straight into Moore’s run.  As it is, there was some hype and a likely spike on the first issue or two — but I’m guessing everybody but the hardcore has forgotten by now.  

  7. i have no memory of what has happened besides some dusty old timey sci-fi time warpy thing. i will definitely have to reread the beginnings of this arc.

  8. After the end of this story line. I am going to dropped this book.

  9. i’m a big Joss Whedon fan, but I haven’t really enjoyed this storyline all that much.  But the delay and infrequency that it comes out has kill my love for Runaways.  I saw this on the pull list and thought…wait this book still exists?!

  10. Some of the greatest novels written have been published serially at irregular intervals. I love Runaways and Joss Whedon’s run has been pretty good, and the difficultly they’ve had releasing it to match readers’ consumptive habits really has no bearing on how much I enjoy it, honestly.

  11. I remember seeing #28 a month or two ago and thought that was the latest issue. I was found later to be disappointed. Haven’t read much of Terry Moore so I hope he can keep up the work of BKV and Whedon but also work a little faster. 

  12. "Some of the greatest novels written have been published serially at irregular intervals."

    Yeah, but each serialized part or chapter took longer than 10 minutes to read. So that’s an interesting comparison, but it doesn’t really hold up once you think about it. A comic story arc also takes less time to read than an entire novel.

    A more fitting comparison would be a hypothetical situation where someone only lets you watch one segment of an hour-long drama once every month (or two or three or four). It really is a horrible model and it’s really testament to our love of the artform that we who still buy single issues put up with it. It wasn’t so bad when each issue was usually a complete non-decompressed story. Maybe the stories are better now, and the artwork is definitely better, but the single-issue model seems increasingly ridiculous for the actual stories that are being told.

  13. @jazzlawyer — While I understand the argument about decompression in general, I don’t really think it applies to this book.  This is about as far from a decompressed comic as I’ve read in a while.  There’s too much going on, not too little.  (And incidentally, I think Joss is writing perfect monthly comics in Astonishing X-men; the problem is that they’re taking 6-9 weeks to come out.)

  14. A lost happened in this issue, but I didn’t understand any of it. I wasn’t this lost with the delay between Ultimates issues. This is just a mess, but the art is good.

  15. I can’t forgive the delay in this book, what a shame cause it used to be one of my favorites, bring BKV back on if possible

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