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ROBIN #182

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  1. Guess it’s almost time for this series to end? Oh well.

  2. Just as I started to buy this book again. Crying shame…

  3. I still think Tim is going to wear the Red Robin costume on an ongoing basis to cover that nappy head burn.

  4. seriously, where has Brian Stelfreeze been?

  5. hmmm this was good but i just want him to keep the red robin costume and not be regular robin

  6. freddie drew jason todd to look like a young bruce wayne lol

  7. Did anyone else notice that Tims head was fine, no scaring and all his hair was back…

  8. @ supertrackmonkey- if you notice the caption box tim said after a couple of days as time passed the city healed and tim physically healed as well. so it didnt just instantly heal. it took time to heal

  9. @supertrackmonkey and smeeeee – Yes.  I noticed and it pulled me out of the story.  I may be wrong, but my understanding is that hair doesn’t grow on scar tissue.  In my opinion it would have been cool if Tim had to deal with that scar for the rest of his life.  It would have added another interesting angle to his character.

  10. I was somewhat bored by this issue, but the ending was nice.

  11. Really enjoyed it up till the end. The Red Robin coustume part was very brief, but who knows? …it might come back. Oh yeah, did it not only take 2 weeks for Tim to heal?

  12. Yeah I guess I kinda found the last page dissapointing. I was looking forward to Tim wearing the Red Robin costume for awhile, seems odd that his hair is magically fully back at the end. =/

  13. I wish Battle for the Cowl was over already. This whole Bat-world is tedious to me right now (largely due to R.I.P., but the direction/identity-less nature of everything else (minus Tec & Nightwing) has been frustrating.

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