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ROBIN #180

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WadeWilson11/21/08YesRead Review
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  1. How many more issue will they draw out this Red Robin mystery, you think? I’m losing patience. 😛

  2. What a cover.  Red Robin is looking about 1,000 times more badass than his name implies.

    @WadeWilson – Hasn’t it only been two issues?

  3. @stu — More like 4 or 5 issues, dude. I think #175 or #176 was the first appearence. They totally ignored Red Robin for an issue or two, so maybe that’s why it feels less … & maybe why I’m tired of waiting. Also, I have the patience of a puppy.

  4. It looks like he first showed up in 177 (if it was in any issues before that, I don’t remember it and I don’t see any mention of it in the solicits), so it was actually 3 issues.  You know they have to make it 6 for the trade.

  5. I don’t even really care about Red Robin.  I just want to know who Tim’s gonna end up dating.

  6. I did some "research" (flipped through my issues) & Red Robin first showed up on the last page of #176, so this will be the 5th issue he’s in & we know nothing more than we did the first time he showed up! Not a big deal, I know, I’m just impatient.

  7. That was a fun issue, but I think my lack of knowledge concerning the "villains" in the story made it a bit less enjoyable for me than it would have been otherwise.

    This continues to be a solid arc.

    @WadeWilson – It looks like your impatience with Red Robin is no longer an issue and my interest in him as a character was poorly placed. I would like to see the suit on someone deserving.

  8. This was the most boring comic book of the week, probably the month too.  Oh well, I’ll buy the next three.  That’s all there will be anyway.

  9. awesome issue. i love the development of tim into what he will be post-r.i.p.

    also i don’t think it matters who is wearing the red robin mask now, because i think tim will be wearing it soon.

  10. Loved it! Makes it all the more sad it’s ending when it’s on such a good streak. My POW!

  11. I care about Red Robin.  I started picking this up since I’ve been reading Batman and Conor had great things about it.  Then Red Robin is someone I don’t know and is considered in Robin’s eye an amatuer.  So I’m ok now.  I might consider returning when this relaunches but I’m cool.

  12. @stuclach – I agree. I was hoping Red Robin was something … bigger. Can’t believe I was so impatient about this … lol. If someone told me it was gonna turn out to be a 3rd rate villain (maybe 3rd rate is being kind) I wouldn’t have cared at all.

  13. Really enjoyed this issue, though I don’t think I agree it was the best book of the week, for me. The Red Robin reveal, I thought, was telegraphed two issues ago.

    While the the villains of the piece are not big name villains, even by Robin standards, they are interesting for their ideologies. And more interesting is that they are both closer in age to Tim Drake than most Robin villains. 

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