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ROBIN #179

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  1. I was excited for this issue and then they had to go and put a ninja cat on the cover.  Why would they do that?  Does anyone who wasn’t going to buy the book see that cover and say to his/herself: "Now that I know there will be a ninja cat in the book, I must buy it."  At the same time how many people who were considering buying this book saw the cover and said to his/herself: "Now that I know there will be a ninja cat in the book, I am not going to buy it."

    I assume there are many more people turned off than there are people who are turned on.  Basic marketing would tell you that is not how to run a business.  It’s like selling condoms with a picture of a baby on the package.

  2. How is there no mention of Jason Todd or "Red Robin". 2 Issues ago that’s what got me really excited since I was pissed that Dixon was no longer writing this. THIS: got me excited.

     Right now this cover and solicitation have me wondering WTF?! 

  3. @jobob247 My thoughts exactly.  The gang-war shit is boring me, too.

  4. @stuclach- It’s funny, I was wondering what would make this book perfect?  More ninja cats!*


  5. So, how long will they drag out the Red Robin thing? I’m with you guys, I’d much rather them focus the story on him (or her?) & the mystery of who it is, than … ninja cats?

  6. They probably will not be revealing Red Robin until after R.I.P. finishes in the main Batman book and they finish shuffling all of the Bat-Family around to different roles.  My money is still on Jean Paul Valley for Red Robin.  This series has been really good though, definitely enjoyable.

  7. I would have given this a 3 if not for Red Robin coming in at the end.  I don’t know why but I really enjoy that part of this story. 

  8. People are really hung up on Lynx, huh?

  9. @conor- I’m not hung up on Lynx because I have no prior knowledge of the character.  I was just judging her based on her character design, and I thought she was a human/animal hybrid which I felt was lame.  Obviously I was wrong, so I take back my prior cynicism.  

  10. @conor – I am not commenting on the actual role or character of Lynx.  I was simply commenting on what I felt that cover would do to sales and what it did to my expectations for the issue.  I feel that, in comparison to the cover linked to by jobob247, this cover would discourage purchases.  I still purchased the book (haven’t read it yet), but I would wager that some didn’t due to that cover and that very, very few who weren’t going to pick it up changed their mind on seeing the cover.

    I was merely commenting on what that cover might do to DC’s bottom line.

  11. Pretty solid issue, nothing fantastic, but not bad either, the art was great & I can’t wait to see more of Red Robin! My guess is it is a clone of Jason Todd from another dimension that Superboy Prime brought into existence by punching his bathroom wall.

  12. And what, exactly, is wrong with Ninja Cats? Think about what you’re saying; Ninja Cats! What’s not awesome about that? 😉

  13. I don’t think that cover is going to stop anybody from buying this comic.

  14. @conor – For DC’s bottom line, I hope you are right, but I am afraid you aren’t.

  15. Sorry for the double post, but I am bored.

    @conor, again – In the south, if someone sees you caring around something with a "ninja cat" on the cover, they instantly burn a cross in your front yard.

  16. I guess I didn’t mind the Lynx mask. Not any sillier than some we’ve seen in comics.

  17. What almost keeps me from buying this book isn’t ninja-kitty, it’s seeing Freddie Williams Jr’s art, which is better suited for this book than it was on Flash, but there’s still a lot I don’t like about it.  Let’s get moving with the Red Robin story, shall we?  I’ll not send Freddie further down the river than I already have, yet.  But I place him with Howard Chaykin as one of my least favorite artists.

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