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ROBIN #178

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  1. After the last issue, this is probably going to be on the top of my stack this week. Very interested to see what is gonna happen with Red Robin "and" Jason Todd in the picture.

  2. @jobob247 – I agree, the last issue was excellent, and I expect this one to be, as well.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the last few issues on this book as well and am looking forward to this.  I wonder how far they’ll let the story go before RIP finishes up. 

  4. @Crippler – I sincerely hope this book doesn’t get delayed waiting for RIP.  Although, I can see it ruining the conclusion there if not held back.

    Why on earth would Grant Morrison agree to do two huge events simultaneously?  Oh right, he’s crazy.  (If he isn’t to blame for the delays, then I apologize for blaming him.)

  5. @stuclach: Apparently Morrison finished the script for Final Crisis like over a year ago, before Countdown. It’s Tony Daniel who’s holding up "Batman" by taking so long with his art. (As he’s said on his blog, "Can’t rush the good stuff!", and thus we’re having to wait seven weeks between "monthly" issues.)

  6. Wait a minute…Batman has a solo book out, and there is an event going on in it?  Never heard of it, I must check it out. 😉

  7. This was weird.  It’s taking place after RIP I’m guessing?  Or something.  I don’t even know.  But if the end of this book  (Not going to spoil it, don’t worry) is what it seems then all I can say is …. Again? Really?

  8. @CharlieBlix- I’m with you, this issue felt a little off.  And yes, this does take place after RIP.

  9. I’m with you guys, as much as I liked this issue, trying to tie it into RIP made it worse, not better. It’s very confusing when this takes place in any timeline. I wish they would have just left RIP alone until it was finished & then tied it into continuity. It wouldn’t have hurt this story (or any others which are VERY poorly tied into RIP) to have taken place before it.

    Sweet art in this issue though, and I do like the story apart from the distractlingly awkward attempts to tie into RIP.

  10. This issue for me was a bit of a downer after the previous one. I’m just not sure how I felt. I think it was just the fact that I so wanted there to be more info about Red Robin and the book intro’d as though that wasn’t even a thought. I’d think Tim would be pretty freaked the F out about someone donning the Red Robin outfit…. *shrug*

  11. I still don’t get what is going on with Spoiler, you’d think with Batman "missing/gone" this would be a time Tim would forgive and forget instead of pushing away. Then again that seems to be a common theme with the Bat boys lately.

  12. By the way…1992 called for Tim, they want their hair back.

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