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ROBIN #176

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  1. I really enjoyed the last issue, so I’m pretty stoked for this one!

  2. This is probably my last issue for a while as I decided to drop the book once Dixon was fired.  As these 2 issues were already solicited and ordered, I ended up getting them anyways.

  3. If Tim becomes Batman after R.I.P. that means this series will end.  And if that happens I will be very angry, and you would’nt like me when I’m angry.

  4. @Kory: Nicieza has been saying in interviews that he’s got Robin plots going on well into 2009. And, no, even if Tim becomes Batman that wouldn’t mean the book was cancelled. They’d just make fan-favorite Damian into the next Robin.

  5. Well, last issues cover was a throwback to Death In The Family & this one is a throwback to Detective Comics #31, (and Wagner’s Batman & The Mad Monk was too) … but I could be wrong. 

  6. @flapjaxx- I don’t pay attention to interviews.  I worrying that DC will adopt the Marvel aprroach of restarting middle of the road books at #1 every chance they get.  And with Tim more than likely taking up the Batman mantle I saw that as a possibility.  But if it’s going to continue even after Tim becomes Batman I could see Spoiler becoming his Robin and her being the main character in this title.  But I could be wrong.

    And people really like Damian?  I did’nt know that,  I thought I was the only one who liked the idea of Bruce having an evil son.  I could definitely see him becoming a major foil for a Tim Drake Batman.

  7. Do people really think Tim will become Robin?  I can’t imagine they would take RIP that way.

  8. All the promotion surrounding R.I.P. has had images of Tim, Nightwing, Damien, and Hush(?) with the line ‘I am Batman’ , so take your pick.  I remember hearing something about the only guarantee of this arc is Bruce won’t be Batman for a while.  So it will be one of those four and my money is on Tim.

  9. @Kory – Couldn’t agree more. Tim’s got more motivation than Dick (that sentence just sounds plain wrong when you type it out).

    Either way, I’m totally invested at this point. It’s like another movie. 🙂 

  10. I motion from now on that the comics and everyone else refer to Dick Grayson as ‘Richard’ or ‘Rich’  or maybe even ‘Rick’ because when someone refers to him as Dick it usually is followed by a chuckle.

  11. I just read the last issue again and I am looking forward to this one.  I really love that this is a real tie in with R.I.P. since Detective doesn’t seem to be. 

  12. I think Tim becoming Batman is silly, even temporarily — he’s a kid. Who will he fool, Ray Charles? My money is still on Dick *giggle* (sorry Kory, it’s too easy & funny) taking the mantle for a while. All the DC panels at SDCC made this sound almost definate, but they could have been red herrings …

    And my only opinion of Damien, is that I think he wont be around very long. He will either be killed, or it will turn out he isn’t Batman’s real son. Wasn’t there something recently said about results to a DNA test to prove if he’s for real?

  13. Does anyone agree with me about the cover being a tribute to Detective #31?

  14. I don’t think the point of Tim (or Dick) becoming Batman would be to fool anyone into thinking that the same guy is still around. I think the point would be to prove to the villains (and to Bruce?) that no matter what happens there’s always going to be a Batman around to protect Gotham and fight crime. But I think the temporary cowl change is going to come about because of Bruce being taken away during Final Crisis, not because of R.I.P. The first page of Batman #676 says "Six months later", and it doesn’t seem like R.I.P. is going to take up that much time in continuity.

    @Kory: Nah, I was being sarcastic when I said "fan-favorite Damian". Could have made that clear, I guess, but the fact is that I’ve never heard anyone say they actually liked Damian. And even though I enjoyed the "Batman & Son" arc and can see how useful the idea of Damian has been in a few stories since–the actual character, no, didn’t like anything about him.

    @WadeWilson: You know, Morrison originally planned to kill Damian at the end of "Batman & Son" but then changed his mind. And since in Batman #666 we’ve seen that Damian supposedly becomes Batman in the distant future, I doubt they’ll kill him. (Yeah, there’s nothing that says the events of Batman #666 have to come to pass, but I think editorial will want to dangle that expectation out there for at least a few years.) Hopefully Damian will at least disappear for a while, or… hopefully the events of R.I.P. make Damian change his attitude.

  15. Did anyone else get a cover with Spoiler on it instead of Penguin?

  16. i have the joker on my cover.

  17. Mine is Spoiler!

  18. Spoiler

  19. I got Spoiler too. How many different versions are there?

    I liked the issue, it’s cool that it actually ties into RIP in a meaningful way (i’m surprised it does) and it isn’t just branded RIP to sell more copies. We might even be getting some clues for RIP here, with Batman telling the Spoiler, he "anticipated something happening" … 

    I’m diggin’ the missing year back story stuff a lot, but … I’m not sure if a photo of Batman with stubble & yelling is proof of insanity, lol.

  20. Liked how Tim threw a batarang in the thug’s eye in the beginning.

    This issue left me thinking that Bruce is the Black Glove. And he is gonna need some Prozac.

    Was that Tim reaching for that costume at the end? 

  21. I liked most of the issue and am glad that with the change to Nicieza the title hasn’t really missed a beat.

    Nice job of taking in the current situation of Batman, I really only have qualms with how they’re handling the Robin/Spoiler dynamic, but as long as they keep them together – they make a fun team.  That fact makes me miss Batgirl and her virtual absence from the Batbooks outside of Outsiders & her mini-series.

  22. I’m new to Bat-books in general.  In this comic, Robin seems like a late teen .. almost 18 perhaps?

    In I think Detective RIP tie-in, he’s like a little kid — 11 or 12 at most.

    So, what is it?

  23. To me this issue screamed "Hey I’m older now…." The way Tim was drawn etc. Perhaps that was just me…

  24. @thebouv — I think Tim is around 16. You’re right, he looked way young in Detective, but just put that down to artistic license.

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