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ROBIN #175

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  1. I’m in! RIP’s got me hooked and heard good things about this book anyway. Consider me onboard!

  2. Do you guys think this book will have as much of a tie-in to RIP as Detective did (which was pretty much nothing)?

  3. "… and his hard one future as Batman." That sounds like a spoiler to me.=(

  4. It could just be Tim THINKING about what it would like to be Batman someday, perhaps sooner than he ever expected. I doubt the image on the cover is literal, so there’s no reason for the solicit to be. But since the first page of Batman #676 we’ve pretty much known that "six months" in the future there will probably be a new Batman, if only temporarily.

    I’ve been looking forward to this issue, though. I think it will say much more about R.I.P. than the Detective arc will.

    And with Batman 679, 680 and 681 all getting pushed back due to Tony Daniel’s inability to keep up with a monthly schedule like he said he would… I’ll just have to content myself with this.

  5. The most anticipated book in a week of highly anticipated books for me.

  6. I would have been looking forward to this book if Dixon wouldn’t have been fired…

  7. I’m picking this up, even though I neglected Robin over the last couple of moths. Damn budget constraints. I hope it’ll be worth it…

  8. My that cover’s . . . odd.  With Robin’s left arm reaching over Batman’s legs, his fingers grasping what looks like the middle of Batman’s thigh, it looks more like he’s carrying a cardboard cutout.  I wonder why it’s drawn that way.

  9. Weird coincidence that last weeks iFanboy show talked about A Death In The Family & this issue’s cover is a parody of it …

    *Twilight Zone music plays*


  10. that is weird i didnt pick that up tili read your comment spooky

  11. There has been a lot of hinting at Robin’s future as Batman as recently as one of the last Teen Titan arcs, when the future Titans appeared.  This might bring some more light to the theory that Robin is destined to become Batman sooner rather than later.  RIP has been an ok read for me, but Robin has been great for a while, so I am going to be looking forward to thise either way.

  12. @Wade – Didn’t notice that either. Now I feel stupid.

  13. I get the vibe that this another case of the cover having nothing to do with the story.  To me this cover is designed to shock people into buying a book by showing Batman in a bloody, beaten state.  Regardless I’m still looking forward to this book.

  14. Covers usually depict the story within?


  15. How could Tim become Batman anytime soon (even temporarily)? Isn’t he, like 15-16 years old?

    Criminals would see him in the (baggy) Batman suit & laugh.

  16. @thebouv- I was directing that to anyone who was anlyzing the cover to try and figure out what will happen in the book.  I suspect Batman won’t even be in this issue.

  17. @Wade

    I definitely agree with you. If I had to choose anyone to be the new Batman is would be Dick Grayson.

  18. Finally a Batman RIP that deals with the done gone crazy Batman that makes sense!!!  Grant’s Batman isn’t making any sense, Dini’s Detecive seem to refuse to deal with what is happening in the pages of Batman.  This book talks about whats going on AND it makes sense.  Novel concpet these days, I’ll take it.  That being said I really liked it.  I loved Tim and Dick on the cruise ship.

  19. I didn’t know this issue isn’t written by Dixon…the cover and inside mention Fabian Nicieza as writer and Joe Bennett…surprised but not at all disappointed.  I agree, it actually dealt with Batman RIP unlike the beginning of Heart of Hush that’s only mentioned Jezebel Jet a couple times.

  20. So … the last page is saying, Tim wants Bruce to be crazy so he can fight him??? Huh?

    Not cool by DC listing Chuck Dixon as the writer (even still on thier website) when he isn’t. That’s false advertising, right? Or just false soliciting?

  21. @WadeWilson: I don’t get the impression that Tim "wants" Batman to be crazy so he can fight him. It’s more of a last resort–hence the reason why it’s the last thing he says, on the last page of the issue. Kind of an awkward "cliffhanger", though.

  22. This was my first issue of Robin, and hands down my POW.  Now I have to add another comic to the monthly pull!

  23. At least this was an actual tie-in.

  24. @Kory — Yeah! Anything to help explain RIP will be handy for me.

    @flapjaxx — I was going by the line in Robin’s thought boxes: "What if the scattered pieces that I’m trying to put back together, what if that’s a picture I want to see?"

    I guess he’s just asking himself that, not stating it. Weird question though …

  25. Yeah, great issue and everything. The only downside: Now I have to buy another book! Oh damn you, good comics!

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