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Welcome to Arkham Asylum, Mitch Shelley. No one believes you when you say you gain new powers every time you’re reborn. And no one is going to let you die to prove it. You’re going to be here a long, long time…


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  1. Really hope DnA redeem themselves with this issue. Sounds promising…

  2. This book is perpetually on the fence for me month after month. I really want to like it so I keep picking it up but for me, this story is either lacking momentum or is intentionally on a slow path of reveal. The heaven vs. Hell angle is a niche I’m always looking for with books like The Nightside and Spawn, this book just hasn’t been handling it the way I would like. I remain pleasently optimistic.

  3. Epic- I agree again with you this week, I wanna like this title and it really just keeps squeezing onto my pulll list and I can’t explain it. The supporting cast in this title are the ones I really have enjoyed and for me thats why I am still with this title and the artwork really is pretty good. Mitch? I really do not care either way fort his character now to be honest and this I think will be the final ish, it really has to be if it does not grab me just can’t afford to keep reading all of these books.


  4. I wonder if he will become Joker’s new stabbing buddy ?

  5. Gave it a 2 however, this issue has started to make the climb upward. The first few issues were not very good at all except for the supporting cast and now we get some actual story and action frrom Resurrection Man. I liked him usuing his new powers and scares the inmates back in, very intimidating! The artwork was still very choppy at parts and almost seemed rushed but, the idea of him being trapped in Arkham and seeing what happens was cool. So with the ending I am guessing here will be another new title with a full Bat-Man appearance through out the next issue?


    • Dang, I thought you loved everything! This book must really suck, glad I dropped it after the first issue.

    • BCDX97- Ha nice!! No not everything my old friend, this one is just not cutting and you are so lucky jumping off when you did. I am stuck in that stupid loop where your hoping something good is going to happen and change and make this better.
      OH well….. right?


    • I have been in that loop before. Great comics – I want to buy. Crap comics – I won’t buy. But okay comics – they cause the most trouble.

  6. I seem to be in the same boat as the rest of you…

    I WANT to love this book. I loved it the first time around and was so excited to see it’s resurrection (see what I did there?). But, upon reading it, I cannot tell if I actually like this book as much as I want to like it… And wondering if my good memories of the past are influencing my decision to keep it.

    It’s got a good chance of joining the burn pile real soon.


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