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  1. My most anticipated comic of the week! This has been awesome and like my own slice of a new Twilight Zone episode but in comic form. Absolutely cannot wait!

  2. Nice little gem of a book, personally waiting for the trade. Hoping to meet Peter Hogan at Thought Bubble later in the year.

  3. Has anyone heard rumors of Resident Alien becoming an on-going?

    Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse have created a deceptively simple world upon which this story takes place. The writing and art work great together. This is great comic book making!


    • I have been hoping with all my might, so for whatever that is worth πŸ™‚ It is too great a premise and setup to just let fade away. It is a great team and talent and there are just so many ways this could be done and done well on-going. I’m keeping my toes crossed.

    • From what they’ve said it sounds like this will be a series a minis, hellboy-style, like most of what Dark Horse puts out.

    • Yes, it says at the end that this next will be the end of just this arc! So it will be a series of minis like @Suicidalkangarooz mentioned, awesome! That actually works perfectly for me.

  4. Good news!

  5. I’ve really enjoyed this book too. It’s so different from everything else I’m reading – and most things that are out. It’s too bad that it only has 48 pulls at the moment.

    • MeNSinestro stated, “…It’s too bad that it only has 48 pulls at the moment.”

      I’m surprised at that low number as well during this period of Independent creator fervor. It appears to have flown under the radar for many of the retailers and readers alike. I happened to grab the last remaining copy of this issue with it only being out two days (only three were ordered)in an area with under 200,000 and two comics stores.

      Not to sound too cheeky, but I’m glad to have come across this series at a time when weekly servings of ‘tights and fights’ were boring me.

    • It started in Dark Horse Presents actually (which became the #0 issue) and I think DHP is just starting to really hit its stride in the past couple with some serious talent and excellent content. I think if this had been an issue or two later in DHP it would have gotten even more eyes on it. I have no doubts this will continue to pick up steam and gain attention.

      I wish Dark Horse did a little better at promotion and advertising especially with stuff like this. It is really excellent and I think this has a bigger appeal than even just traditional comic fans. I just wish the minis were more than 3 issues, this issue had a little bit of shoehorning going on in it but at the same time there were some amazing pages/panels that were allowed to breathe and slow down a bit and that made it for me.

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