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  1. I REALLY wanted this to be "Annihilation" for DC’s magic characters but no such luck. I’m not sure if it’s the constant references to oddly named sectors of Hell or the rough art that makes it hard to follow. The art also makes it a little hard to recognize some of the more human characters.

    Maybe if I was a little more versed in the magical characters it would make more sense, but I knew next to squat about the annihilation characters and loved every issue.

  2. i agree with the art being not so good. i wish Justiniano did all the art, because i love his work.

  3. I’m going to give this one more shot….sigh.

    I agree, with the artwork and just so many characters that I have no idea who they are, I find this very confusing.

    One more…….and this time I mean it!

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