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Mart07/31/08YesRead Review
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  1. I see a few pulls thus far. Someone tell me why I should bother picking this up.

  2. Keith Giffen…and perhaps if you at all liked Shadowpact…perhaps this book will be what Shadowpact could and should have been!

  3. I would love to pick this up, but i need to drop books, picking up another would be irresponsible.

  4. giffen is a draw…but honestly, the demon etrigan is one of those third tier characters who i just love, and thus i will buy books that he appears in. but i can understand the trepidation – without those reasons, there’s no way i’d touch this.

  5. I wasn’t going to pick this up because I didn’t give a damn about the principals, but then I heard Linda Danvers (pre-Krypton, post-Byrne Supergirl) is going to be in it so I’m curious about that.

  6. Ha–"didn’t give a damn" good one

    Shadowpact was a fun book, and I always liked Satanus from way back in the early 80s of Action Comics. Zatara’s appearance was a nice surprise, and the Dr Occult back up looks interesting.

  7. Is this worth picking up next week?  I don’t want to but I love Etrigan the Demon and he’s on the cover, which means he probably has nothing to do with the story.

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