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Red Robin returns to Gotham City as “Collision” begins! Now armed with the knowledge that Bruce Wayne is lost in time, what is Tim Drake going to do about it?

Written by Christopher Yost
Art and cover by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. cover of the week

  2. Coming back to this title I’m hoping back in Gotham means away from Al Ghul.

  3. @lantern4life trust me there not leaving Ras al ghul

  4. @Lantern4life

    The issue ended with Ras looking out the window at Wayne Tower. I doubt they’d visit that this soon though.

  5. best cover of the week

  6. @lantern4life: They’ve positioned Ra’s as Tim’s chief nemesis right now so I wouldn’t count on it.

  7. i love this book!

  8. That billboard made me giggle

    "Gotham City, a beautiful place to live and work." 

    and y’know…get maimed by psychos every other week. 

    also a city of justice and peace

    if you’re into that kinda thing

  9. So the solicit says Marcus To (who is good) but the cover says Ramon Bachs (who last I checked, he was busy being awful over in Azrael)  Anyone know for sure?

  10. @Slockhart: The cover is wrong. It’s Marcus To.

  11. Really like this cover too.  I hope this sticks as well as Nightwing did for Dick.  Besides, Tim has to return to Teen Titans again at some point, especially with Superboy and Kid Flash rejoining!

  12. Ok I dropped this a couple issues ago but the solicit really makes me want to get it.  Everytime I try to lighten my pull list the reel me back in.

  13. Is Tim Drake almost too old to be in Teen Titans yet?

  14. @robbydzwonar: Nope, he’s in high school.

  15. Tim Drake Wayne should be in the Justice League…

  16. @Conor – Stephanie Brown is at Gotham U, is she older than Tim?

  17. @gnanniv: She could be. She’s as old as the story they want to tell needs her to be.

  18. Mabe this Ras al Ghul thing is Tim’s Summer Vacation. I’m going with that. Traveling Europe and fighting immortals before he goes to college.

  19. Tim’s not going to college. He doesn’t need to.

    This has been an outstanding series. Tim back in Gotham is going to be pretty awesome. 

  20. Tim’s not going to college now because it’s Summer Vacation. Unless. . . he didn’t get into his first choice of schools. He should have had a safety school. Dammit, Tim said he wasn’t going to be doing this hero stuff his whole life. How will he ever get a good job in the real world without a college education?

  21. @gnanniv He’ll do what everyone does, flunk his exams and go to art school

  22. Might be time to get back on board.
    Not sure if it was the writing, art or both . . . I could not get into the last story arc.
    Just one of those titles that ya wanna enjoy — but for some reason it doesn’t happen.

  23. oh this was good, the last page brought a big smile to my face

  24. @RoiVampire – The story of my life.

  25. Spoilers

    Exceptional.  Tim’s characterization is feels spot on.  Confident and competent, but imperfect.  

    I like the interaction with Ms. Fox.  Coherent conversation and teenage horniness.  

    I like the appearance of Stephanie and Connor.

    I love the Dr. Mid-nite joke(s). 

  26. I thought the Batgirl crossover didn’t start until issue 10.  That last page had me ecstatic. Now it’ll be that much easier to convince people to read Batgirl.

    A great issue on its own though.  Loved the character moments and the direction they’re going with Tam.  Those Dr. Mid-Nite jokes were great for anyone who remembers the boards for Power Girl #7 (Dr. Mid-Nite was on the cover, about three people thought it was Red Robin.) 

    Seriously, read Batgirl. 

  27. Oh… apparently this doesn’t continue until two Batgirls from now.  That’s kinda weird…

    But still, go read Batgirl. 

  28. I was considering dropping this if I didn’t like this issue. WOW! This was great. It’s nice to see Tim happy again. Art was beautiful. Close for POTW.

  29. There is a reason I have followed Tim Drake since the beginning, and longer than any other character. 

    Peter Parker had the Brand New Day story that took me out of it for a year, and Hal Jordan died while saving the sun. But Tim has been there with one of the most heartbreaking stories in comics, right next to Daredevil. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

  30. anybody else find a line os diologue from vicki vale wierd? where she says "you’ve always been generous to gotham over time years, but never like this. why now?"  is that some sort of new slang? 

  31. Love this book, and now with Batgirl, even more to love.

  32. The best part of this book, which made it my POTW, was one single word, "Detective." When Ra’s called Tim "detective," I got goosebumps all over. I still have them, and it’s over 30 minutes later. Absolutely incredible issue. 

  33. I came into Red Robin a few issues in and had pictured him somewhat older in my head. When I finally saw him sans cowl in the issue I was a bit shocked at his youth. I’m really enjoying this book, especially the art in this issue.

    I got into RR because of reading the BN: Batman title, so I guess that strategy paid off for DC at least once. Since getting into this one I’m getting most of the Bat family books as well. Looks like I’ll be adding Batgirl to the list as well.

  34. I liked this … until the last page. Ugh. Gotta buy a Spoiler/Batgirl issue? Boo. 

    Woulda been good if that was advertised on the cover, I wouldn’t have got this. 

  35. I love this book.

  36. Two GREAT issues in a row on this book. 

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