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This is it! Red Robin versus the Council of Spiders deep in the heart of the League of Assassins’ headquarters. It’s seven on one, with Red Robin facing some of the deadliest killers on the planet. Even if he can get out alive, can Tim Drake get out clean? Or has Ra’s al Ghul’s influence corrupted him? There’s a line Batman and Robin swore they’d never cross…but to save Tam Fox’s life, Red Robin may have to perform deeds he’s never dared. Plus, Ra’s al Ghul’s master plan starts to reveal itself.

Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy
Cover by Marcus To

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I still like this book more than most people seem to, but I’m ready for this arc to be over…

    …And not just because a Batgirl crossover is coming up.  My uphill battle to get people to read one of the top 5 comics being put out will become a lot easier soon. 

  2. Gotta say, I’m not reading Batgirl or any other Bat book right now, but I’m enjoying Red Robin all on it’s own.  I know things are going to get interesting with the return of Bruce in this book.  On board.

  3. To me, this book is the best of all the Bat books right now. It also seems to be the only one pushing towards something. 

  4. This is the best solo character development story of the Batbooks.  This is more and more becoming a natural fit for Tim.  I like that he’s doing his own thing and cannot wait for him to join Teen Titans as Red Robin.

  5. @supertrackmonkey – Exactly!  This book actually feels like it has a point.  I assume B&R will feel that way soon, too.

  6. I want this book to get back to the hunt for bruce Wayne stuff. That’s what I loved about it when it started.

  7. This was by far the best issue. I have followed Tim Drake (Wayne) since the beginning. Along with Hal Jordan and Peter Parker, he is one of my favorite characters. This issue gave me goosebumps. As Tim was fighting the Spiders, using different techniques of all of his teachers. Then with Ra’s saying how Tim is different than Bruce, Grayson, and Damien. By the way, who was that Ra’s was talking to? Could it have been Talia? 


    @misterckent – I hope Tim joins the Justice League rather than the Titans. 

  8. This issue was tremendous.  supertrackmonkey is absolutely right that the fight scene (and by proxy, first 3 quarters of the book) was fantastic.  Also, I’m not sure that I’d buy Ra’s idea as a "master plan" but it could be pretty cool to see how his plan ripples through all of the Bat books.

  9. @mikeandzod21 – I suspect that it will get back to that a bit more in the coming months with the return of Bruce Wayne approaching and Blackest Night wrapping up. 


  10. this book is consistently good each month. it’s been a pleasant surprise each issue.

  11. I gave this a 4… and I’m not sure why. I found the issue blah and unmemorable. But when I picked it up to rate it I gave it a 4. The fight scene was well done, but a bit of the "Perfect person excelling at something" formula I really don’t like. As well… the "Doom-bot" solution for Ra’s was insulting. I like the master plan… but…. Ra’s doesn’t feel like the Ra’s I know. He feels more like a Luthor now. 

  12. Looking back at my rating for this series, I don’t remember it being that good… that said, this was probably the best issue since the first.

  13. Is it just me or was Tam entirely superfluous to the story.  I hate tacked on love interests.  May them integral. 

    @Prax – I didn’t like that they made Tim so "perfect" either.  I don’t mind Ra’s too much, but I’m not as experienced with the character as you are.

  14. I loved the way Tim was methodically taking down his enemies, but I could care less about the council of spiders. They’re like that group of villains from the end of Judd winicks green arrow. I can’t wait to see Tim back in Gotham

  15. I agree that Tam could’ve been set up better, but they’re definitely going somewhere big with her.  After all, she knows that Tim is Red Robin and is in on the Wayne Enterprises stuff.  Should’nt be too hard for her to figure out Bruce was Batman, Dick is Batman, Damien’s Robin, etc.

    Then again, Clark just has to wear glasses… 

  16. @Slockhart: I believe that you are right sir. It looks as though Tim is going to be replacing Bruce and Tam is going to be replacing her father as heads of Wayne Enterprises. 

  17. I really enjoyed the Concept of the spider-group. The touching chick seemed like Rogue but with an Elektra feel and I enjoyed every minute of it! Finally a character who embraces what would otherwise a curse.

  18. Loving this title.  And when we get back to Gotham, things will definitely get interesting.  Tim know Batman is alive, so he can follow more signs through other sources to continue the search.  Once more, I’ll be anxious for the next issue and story arc 🙂

  19. I gave this title a chance at the beginning but I gave it up by issue 4 , it seemed to me that the story was just a bad Batman rehash . I loved the art but the League of Spiders just seemed to me to be a reject from a bad Judd Winick story . The art however was pretty good , I may give it a chance once Yost is off the book , until then I will just ask my nephew what is going on in the book .

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