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  1. I am enjoying Tim’s characterization in this book.  I like the way he operates.  However, the supporting characters just aren’t working as well for me.  I hope Mr. Yost gives them a bit more character going forward.

  2. ive been anticipating this book! ive never read anything that Marcus To did art, so im pretty excited to see it and see if the direction is the same. And the end panels of issue 5 just leave me begging for some more pissed off Drake.

  3. The cover has such a classic look.

  4. I want to see more of Tim Wayne’s detective skills, which is something that has been lacking in this title.

  5. I think this might be the first Batman Reborn title that gets dropped.  I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of issues whatsoever…

  6. @stuclach You mean Tim Wayne, Super-Detective who gets easily stabbed by an assassin he sees coming right at him? Sorry, that’s catty, but Tim’s characterization is the one big bone I have with this series. It’s not at all the character that I liked and instead it’s the same tired, modern Bruce Wayne characterization we’ve had for 20 years. He’s such a good "detective" he predicts things before they happen and just solves things. It’s annoying, and bad writing. The fact that Tim Wayne has been written like this since the last issue of the Robin mini is making hate one of my favorite characters. If you’re enjoying it, that’s great, but I’m just…

  7. I’ve liked this book just fine so far.  I’m glad I stuck with it.

  8. @Prax – I like that he has evolved.  He believes in what he is doing and has chosen to pursue that goal with single-minded clarity.  The fact that he still has weaknesses (in knowledge, emotion, and the physical arena) only increases my ability to relate to him.  I HATED the way he was stabbed so easily, but that isn’t a characterization issue (in my opinion).  It is a storytelling issue.  There had to have been a better to way to move the story along.

    Essentially, I like that he is more like Bruce while retaining his Tim-ness (?).  He is trying to carry on Bruce’s legacy, but isn’t quite there yet.

    And, while we both know you have a better memory than I do, I don’t really recall him using his "super-detective" skills to pre-solve anything.  As a matter of fact, I think we both know of at least one instance where he tried that and got stabbed in the ribs for his trouble.  If I recall correctly, he also did a pretty sloppy job planning that museum heist where he got ambushed.  

    I feel like Tim is currently at the stage where he is learning to be a Batman-esk character.  This feels like a flashback to how Bruce’s life pre-mask must have been. 

    (Or maybe I am rewriting a little too much of the story in my head.  I occasionally find myself doing that when I feel there are some holes that need filling.) 

  9. I love how more people on iFanboy have (so far) pulled Red Robin more than Batman.

  10. @Stuclach Has he evolved? I haven’t seen this as a stop on the journey for him. This feels like a stifling characterization dropped on him to make him feel different that never arose naturally over the course of 180 issues (Granted I’m spoiled with so many Dixon years.) My problem is that the point of Tim was that he was better than Bruce. He didn’t need to be like Bruce and he certainly didn’t want to be Bruce. That’s the inherent flaw I have the series, it’s premise that doesn’t make sense for the character. Certainly he’d go find man, but becoming a Bruce-lite is silly. He’s the better detective and better natural leader, this has been conceded by both Bruce and Dick several times in the past years.

    As for Pre-Solving a crime…. the Lady Shiva story that ended his Robin run. It aggravated me to no end. He’s a good detective, but the entire issue was premised on him poisoning Lady Shiva with a chocolate on her pillow before she even announced herself to Gotham. Her character isn’t dumb enough to get caught that easily. it was a flaccid attempt at making Robin look "smart."

  11. @Prax – I agree that the Lady Shiva "fight" was awful, but that didn’t happen in this book and wasn’t from this writer.

    You are obviously more familiar with Tim than I am, but from what I have read, this still feels (generally) like Tim, but a Tim with a very specific focus.  That is the evolution (in my mind).  He is no longer a sidekick.  He’s leading his own search and seems very focused.  He is using his detective skills (that you mentioned he already had in abundance) to look for Bruce.

    Perhaps what I am perceiving as an evolution of the character is simply a change in situation.  He is being forced to lead and this book is showing me his reaction to that change.  I’m enjoying it.

  12. I was a big fan of the Robin series, but it was feeling really juvenile but I knew there was a more mature person under all of it.  I love Tim’s character and love the fact that he’s back and really maturing.  I agree with @stuchlach that he’s making some mistakes that Bruce did way back.  It’s great to see and I’ll be keeping this for the long run.  Much better than Robin was.

  13. I’ve been teeter-tottering on this title but I really liked the last issue with Superboy.

    @stuclach:  I like how you relate Tim to the premask Bruce Wayne.  Maybe that’s what Yost is going for in the comic.  The supporting characters are lacking but I like how they brought in Fox’s daughter.  I’d like to see more Ra’s in this comic.

  14. I feel like this story hasn’t gone anywhere in a few issues. Or maybe I am just cranky.

    Have you ever had one of those weeks when you walk home with a stack of books, and you wind up not liking ANY of them? I am having one of those. Maybe I should just put them all away and try reading them again tomorrow.

  15. This issue was a very solid illustration of the point I was trying to make above.  Tim does some good thing, learns some things that may prove valuable, but ultimately doesn’t get it exactly right.  He is still learning.  This is how I visualize some of young Bruce’s experiences.  Impressive fighter, some nice detective work, but tricked by a more experienced crew.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more progress on the search for Bruce front, but I enjoyed the issue. 

    @HailScott – I have certainly had one of those weeks (but not this week).  I typically grab a trade off the shelf and make it all better. 

  16. This book is so good.

  17. Yes. Yes, it is.

  18. Marcus To is good stuff.

  19. Kinda confusing & all over the place, but not the worst issue of the series.

  20. Dropping.  I like Red Robin but I don’t dig Al Ghul.  Might return if the setting changes.

  21. I love morrison’s work in batman and robin and was picking up that, Batman and this. I just dropped Batman over this, even though it’s a little weak, it’s oddly compelling and I like Tim Drake ever since the silly Young Justice and how he’s being developed. this issue was really good and the art is not great but not bad. here’s hoping they don’t try to kill Tim off, they’ve completely changed his character from the Young Justice days. 

  22. @Hexsas: They’re not going to kill Tim. Have they given you any indication that they would? He *has* changed a lot since YOUNG JUSTICE because it’s been like 10 years and a lot has happened since then.

  23. This continues to be an awesome book! I didn’t mind the art before, but this was certainly an improvement.

  24. Chris Yost is really getting his stride with this series.  Really impressed with this book.

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